It’s less expensive to utilize an Apple View with Verizon now


If you were thinking of including a new Apple Watch (or any other LTE-ready smartwatch with a devoted contact number) to your Verizon account, you’ll probably like to hear that the carrier just cut the monthly expense of doing that by half. It’s usually $20 to include a watch if you do not currently have a phone on your account, though it will now costs $10 monthly per watch for all standalone strategies. Prices for customers who have both a phone and a watch on their accounts is the same.

This is welcome news considering Apple debuted 2 brand-new Apple Watch designs today: the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, both of which have an LTE alternative. The most budget-friendly Series 6 with LTE expenses $499($399 without LTE), however the genuine bargain is the Apple Watch SE with LTE, which costs $329(just $50 more than its price without LTE). Both designs are offered for preorder now and will be available this Friday.

If you ‘d like to purchase Apple Watches for your entire household, this news will be even much better. Apple revealed off the Household Setup feature that lets you set up and manage several Apple Sees with simply a single iPhone

The caution here is that each of these Apple Watches connected through the iPhone by means of Family Setup requires to be an LTE model, not the more affordable GPS design. (It supports as far back as the Apple Watch Series 4.) If you’re somebody who wants to pack up on Apple Watches for your household, paying for them each month will be a little bit more inexpensive at Verizon.

Updated 10: 12 AM ET, September 17 th: We reached out to Verizon for information on the cost cuts after a number of readers claimed to currently be getting these prices. A spokesperson specified that its standalone watch strategies (without the need for a phone) have been minimized from $20 to $10



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