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    It can be extra hard to make a career change during a pandemic, but right now could also be the perfect time to explore the possibilities. Here are 15 great resources to help you find a more fulfilling career or make your current job a little better.


    It can be extra hard to make a career change during a pandemic, but right now could also be the perfect time to explore the possibilities. Here are 15 great resources to help you find a more fulfilling career or make your current job a little better.

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    A few years ago, I was having what some call a quarter-life crisis, but, ironically, lacked all the trademark signs of chaos normally associated with a true catastrophe. I was in a stable job that paid me a perfectly livable salary. I generally liked what I did, got to work in NYC, and had college students email me from time to time asking how I got my exact position. It was all good, and I was wretchedly unhappy.

    Simply leaving my job for a different company within the same industry (and lightly boosting my income) didn’t seem like it would help — there was a deeper issue beyond slight changes in compensation or company benefits. And fully switching fields or going to grad school felt scary, too — I knew I’d risk making an enormous commitment to start from scratch, with no guarantee it wouldn’t make me feel even more stuck in the end.

    Little by little, I started to look up resources that could address this problem, which I learned is actually extremely common. Reading books like “Designing Your Life” or combing through Ask a Manager blog posts helped me slowly dissect my role to discover which parts I actually loved (and which ones I really didn’t), as well as reassess my job hunting process as a whole.

    I started to dig beyond our society’s common (and tired) refrain of “dream jobs” and “following your passion,” which I realized led me further away from good, fulfilling work. Several years (plus more books, blogs, and online courses) later, I feel like I finally zigzagged my way into a job that makes all those pieces fit together, but I also wouldn’t have known where to look if I hadn’t taken the time to really understand what I want from my career in the long-term. 

    It can be extra hard to get unstuck in your career during a pandemic when many of us are at home and day-to-day life can feel repetitious. But it can also be a good time to gently explore the deeper aspects of what you want to do, beyond currently existing job titles or perk-filled companies. There is also the strong possibility of new, more flexible jobs in the future, one of which might be a great fit for you — if you know to look for it.

    Here are 15 online courses, books, and free resources to help you figure out what you want to do, take actionable steps to break into a field, and/or make the best of your current work situation.

    For figuring out what you want to do

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    One of the hardest parts of a job hunt is knowing where to even look. What if your current work feels fulfilling and worthwhile, but your hours or pay don’t feel sustainable? What if your ideal job requires a master’s degree or Ph.D., and you just can’t swing school right now? Or what if you’ve been hustling to get to a certain career milestone for years, and though you’re totally burned out, are reluctant to quit this late in the game? 

    Luckily, there are many classes and books that can help you unpack a job into digestible pieces, so that you can not only make a decision based on what you like to do, but what will also keep you financially afloat.

    1. A course on figuring out your whole life — including your career

    the bestselling book of the same name, this course takes a design thinking approach to structuring your life (which, undoubtedly, will greatly tie into your career). In over four hours of video content, Stanford professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans walk you through how to balance your career with the rest of your life, as well as figure out discrepancies between your “work view” (what you want out of a job) and “life view” (what brings you fulfillment). 

    2. A self-paced, free class to brainstorm job ideas

    “Designing Your Life,” this free Stanford course takes the same principles and focuses specifically on your career. Self-paced and non-linear, this is an easy class to hop around in and explore whenever you feel like it, with personal reflection exercises to help you brainstorm some ideas at your own speed.

    3. A manageable video class addressing your biggest questions

    “Learning How to Learn” course, this free McMaster University’s course teaches you how to embrace change (especially in the context of rapidly morphing job markets), make informed career choices, and adopt a learning mindset so that you remain flexible in a world that’s constantly shifting. 

    For creating an action plan

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    If you generally know what you like to do, it still doesn’t mean you know exactly how to get there, whether it’s advancing in your current role or switching careers. Unfortunately, a lot of popular career advice is outdated, and navigating the world of LinkedIn applications can feel like a full-time job on its own. Luckily, there are plenty of great classes to help get you up to speed with things like resume writing and interviewing, and just as many on how to set up a job-seeking action plan that actually works.

    6. A classic bestseller on the current job market, updated annually

    here’s the one for 2020, for example). Inside, you’ll find the most relevant tips on putting together a sharp resume, using social media to your advantage, and investing time in fields that are actually growing. 

    7. A course on all the trending career skills that’ll help you stick out

    design thinking, you’ll evaluate which work you’re best suited for (and like to do), assess stakeholders (whether it’s your current boss or an ideal future employer), and put together a list of actionable steps you can take to reaching your career goals.

    9. A robust course covering everything you need to know about applying to jobs and interviewing right now

    For improving your current job

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    Maybe you know exactly what you want to do in the future but simply can’t leave your job right now. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for a less-than-stellar work experience. There are plenty of resources that can help you improve your present situation, whether it’s inspiring your team, dealing with difficult coworkers, or changing your mindset. 

    11. An iconic blog for all your career-related queries

    podcast and several books), is a phenomenal resource for pretty much any job question you may have, no matter how niche it may seem. Feel confused about how long cover letters should be? Not sure if what your boss did was fair or appropriate? There’s an answer for everything, and if there isn’t, you can always submit your question. It’s great for validating your experiences as an employee or job-seeker, and can help you find small solutions to make your current experience better. 

    12. A fun program to help you be a better remote manager through laughter

    this professional program teaches you comedy techniques to boost closeness even when you’re all working remotely. By unlocking your own sense of humor, you’ll learn how to bring levity to all kinds of work situations, which will make you a more effective, engaging, and empathetic boss — and lead to all kinds of opportunities in the future. While the full program is $186.30, you can individually audit each class for free.

    13. A few Berkeley courses that teach you how to be happier at work

    e-learning resources we loved in 2020, this show is much more than a business and career podcast. Famed hedge-fund manager, entrepreneur, and author James Altucher interviews guests on a range of topics related to both personal and professional success, from negotiating a higher salary to practicing real self-love. It solidifies the point that our self-esteem and career success are tightly interlinked, and these talks are sure to leave you with some inspiration on how to enhance your life as a whole.

    15. A series of super-short interviews with the most successful people out there


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