Internal report shows discrepancies in Tamil Nadu’s COVID-19 information


    State’s Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan attributes it to duplicate entries.

    One-tenth of added Chennai’s COVID-19 deaths were home/transit deaths

    The exact same information on admissions looked at by the department on September 11 (likewise available with The Hindu), had a mismatch of 24,336 more in overall cases, 450 more in deaths, and 6,847 lower in active cases.T. Jacob John, renowned virologist and retired Teacher of Scientific Virology at Christian Medical College, Vellore, said that while the inconsistency can not be right away credited to any underreporting of data or absence of openness, it plainly revealed the inadequacies in collection of data when it pertained to public health.

    ” We have actually long overlooked data in our health management system. For example, we have never counted tuberculosis or diphtheria properly. The exception was polio as we had a goal of absolutely no,” he said, including that COVID-19 has when again stressed the importance to be provided to information.

    Coronavirus | Internal report shows discrepancies in Tamil Nadu’s COVID-19 data

    Most COVID-19 deaths happened within 2 days of medical facility admission in Chennai, Karnataka

    The control room run by the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (DPH) is the nerve centre when it pertained to notifiable diseases, he said, including that it gathered data at the patient-level straight from laboratories and through proper reporting channels from hospitals and other organizations. This was further cross-checked at several levels to eliminate duplications, he described.

    Explaining that this was the sacrosanct and precise information, he stated that the [contentious] numbers on admissions on the other hand, readily available in the internal report, are not collected at the patient-level, but as total numbers.




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