India’s Only 125-year-old Double Coconut Tree Harvested After Several Years of Research


    India’s Only 125- year-old Double Coconut Tree Harvested After A Number Of Years of Research Study

    After a number of years’ constant effort, botanists lastly handled to gather India’s only 125- year-old female double-coconut tree at Botanic Garden in Howrah district in Bengal.

    Though, the tree bore just two fruits a couple of months ago but considering its complex and unpredictable growth procedure, the botanists doubted about its future. Presently, the fruits have been planted in 2 wooden pots and both are healthy and “showing favorable outcomes with nothing to stress about”.

    The fertilization was first started in 2006 however it was not effective and when again the botanists attempted the procedure in2013 Then, the fertilization achieved success and the tree began bearing the fruits.

    Throughout the procedure, the botanists ended up being anxious over the health of the tree as it stopped growing (the way it was supposed to). The leaves also turned pale yellow. This was most likely due to the fact that the tree has actually suffered a fungal attack. The health of double-coconut trees began weakening now it is growing healthy.

    Speaking to News18, SS Hameed, manager of the Botanic Garden, said, “Since 2013, it has actually gone through the various development procedures and now we can safely state that yes we have prospered in gathering India’s only double-coconut tree which is 125- years-old. The germination procedure is working out in two wooden pots.”

    He stated, “Double coconut or Coco-de-mer, is known for the largest and heaviest seeds worldwide. The weight of one fruit is 18 kg (the one which we gathered in Bengal), while the other one is almost 8.5 kg. It was a difficult task before us because it is globally a threatened species.”

    ” The cost of one seed is almost Rs 2 lakhs in the worldwide market due to its medical values. There is fluid inside the fruit, which is restorative in nature and high up on demand in the pharmaceutical sector,” Hameed said.

    In 1894, the double-coconut tree– generally found in two islands in Seychelles– was planted by the British at Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden in Howrah district in Bengal. Ever since, it has actually ended up being a piece de resistance for visitors due to the fact that it is the only double coconut tree in India.

    In 1988, for the very first time the tree produced flowers and then the botanists believed to pollinate the flower artificially. Considering that, it was a female plant and the very first effort to pollinate it through a male plant in Sri Lanka failed in2006 In 2013, the researcher attempted it once again through a male plant from Thailand and they succeeded.


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