Indian, Chinese soldiers fired 100-200 rounds of ‘cautioning shots’ on north bank of Pangong lake in early September: sources


    India, China Fired 100-200 'Warning Shots' At Pangong In Early September

    New Delhi:

    Indian and Chinese soldiers fired 100-200 rounds of “warning shots” on the north bank of Pangong Lake in early September, sources state.

    The occurrence, state sources, happened when Indian soldiers made key transfer to establish a post overlooking Chinese soldiers. India presently inhabits the heights near Finger 3-4.

    The occurrence happened days prior to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and his Chinese equivalent Wang Yi met in Moscow on September 10 and consented to pacify stress at the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh.

    Both sides put out a joint declaration on a five-point strategy to “continue their discussion, rapidly disengage, preserve proper distance, ease stress and work towards new confidence-building procedures.

    In another event last week, China tried to approach Indian positions on the South Bank of Ladakh’s Pangong Lake and fired shots in the air.

    Indian soldiers just recently acquired tactical benefit by inhabiting heights in the region, warding off Chinese efforts to unilaterally change the LAC. Sources say the Indian Army continues to hold ground after lots of justifications by the Chinese army in their effort to move in on these heights.


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