In Congress vs Congress, Ashok Gehlot Hits Out At Kapil Sibal


    In Congress vs Congress, Ashok Gehlot Hits Out At Kapil Sibal

    In Congress vs Congress, Ashok Gehlot Hits Out At Kapil Sibal

    There was no requirement for Mr Kapil Sibal to discuss our internal issue in media, Ashok Gehlot stated (File)

    Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s public takedown of the party management after its Bihar defeat has received a sharp rebuttal from Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who stated in a series of tweets today that there was “no requirement” for Mr Sibal to point out internal problems in the media.

    ” There was no need for Mr Kapil Sibal to mention our internal problem in Media, this has actually harmed the sentiments of celebration employees across the nation,” Mr Gehlot stated in his tweets.

    He also stated the party had actually improved with each and every crisis under Sonia Gandhi and would this time too. “Everytime we came out stronger due to our ideology, programs, policies and company belief in party leadership. We have improved with each and every crisis and likewise formed UPA government in 2004 under the able management of Sonia ji, we will overcome this time too,” the Congress veteran wrote.

    Mr Sibal, in a no-holds-barred interview to the Indian Express, said that the party needs to acknowledge it was in decrease and “experienced minds, experienced hands and those who comprehend political truths” were needed to restore the organisation.


    The “time for self-questioning is over”, Mr Sibal said, adding:” we need to do a number of things at several levels – organisationally, articulation in the media in whatever form, putting up people who individuals wish to listen to, providing an active, thoughtful leadership who can articulate with a great deal of circumspection.”

    Describing the Congress’s abysmal efficiency in Bihar as well as bypolls throughout the country, including in states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh where the party is still a strong force, Mr Sibal said: “Where we were an alternative individuals of that state have not reposed their self-confidence in the Congress in the way anticipated by us. So the time for self-questioning is over. We understand the responses. The Congress must be brave and happy to recognise them.”

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