Huge Snake Gets Caught In Trap, But There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye


    Huge Snake Gets Caught In Trap, But There’s More To It Than Fulfills The Eye

    Huge Snake Gets Caught In Trap - But There's More To Video Than Meets The Eye

    Is that actually an enormous anaconda? Read on to out more about this viral video

    A video that just recently resurfaced online appears to show an anaconda of massive percentages getting captured in a trap. The video was shared on Twitter with the caption “Trying to capture who’s been taking the chickens”, suggesting that the snake was captured while attempting to steal poultry.

    However, there is more to the clip that meets the eye.

    In the video, the snake indeed seems huge. It is seen swimming throughout a muddy lake to stick its head inside a huge blue drum, getting trapped and wincing furiously in water. The video, which first appeared online over 2 years back, has been seen more than a million times on Twitter.

    Watch it listed below:

    Attempting to catch who’s been taking the chickens …

    — Science is Incredible (@AMAZlNGSCIENCE) November 20, 2020

    Nevertheless, according to fact-checking website Snopes, the video has actually been manipulated to make the serpent appear much bigger than it actually is.


    In the original clip – which you can enjoy here – the snake is undoubtedly a big one, but it is no place as big as the ‘anaconda’ in the manipulated video.

    In truth, the huge blue drum is likewise absolutely nothing more than a small pipe, as apparent by pictures from the original clip:

    Sometimes I dislike the internet WxNZ

    — Tony Digs (@ToneDigz) July 20, 2019

    This is not the first time that a snake video has actually been controlled to make the snake look larger than it in fact is. This viral video was likewise shared with deceptive claims about an anaconda measuring 50 feet in length.

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