Here’s why Anker’s MagSafe-style charger has a gigantic USB-C plug


Here’s why Anker’s MagSafe-style charger has an enormous USB-C plug

Apple’s MagSafe charging system provides an entire brand-new way to charge iPhones, and third-party companies like Anker are jumping at the opportunity to make their own magnetic chargers– both main ones that deal with Apple’s system and informal ones that simply take benefit of the magnetic setup.

< a data-cdata =" " subtag_max_length":99," subtag_delim_length":2," subtag_key":" ascsubtag"," subtag_query_data": " tag":" theverge02 -20", "ascsubtag":"[] vg [e]21979680[r] r-placeholder[t] w[d] d-placeholder[s] s-placeholder[m] m-placeholder [c]c-placeholder"," encode_subtag": incorrect "has-subtag =" true" href=" 08 LPPD3NL?tag = theverge02-20" rel="sponsored nofollow noopener" target =" _ blank" > Anker’s$22 charger falls under the 2nd category: it’s not an official MagSafe battery charger, indicating it does not offer the much faster 15 W charging speed or the expensive NFC techniques as “main” MagSafe products. But even with that 7.5 W charging limit, Anker’s battery charger does appearance a lot like Apple’s, a minimum of in the beginning glance.
Look closer at the other end of the plug, though,
and there’s an apparent difference: the Anker design has
a weirdly oversized USB-C plug.

That’s because the Anker charger is successfully just a routine Qi charger in a various shape, one that moves the electrical wiring and chips to the plug in order to slim down on the actual charging pad. The design also helps in reducing heat, according to the company. It might look unusual, but if you think about it less as a charging cable television and more as a miniaturized Qi charger, it’s actually rather outstanding to see what Anker has pulled off here.

The new charger is likewise just the very first effort from Anker. The business says that stock will be restricted, but it’s already working on upgraded magnetic charger designs that should be out in about a month.

On the one hand, the Anker battery charger is a clear indicator of the limitations of Apple’s MagSafe program. Third-party companies that aren’t able to develop official products need to discover innovative workarounds, like Anker’s massive plug. On the other hand, Anker’s charger is a first-generation item, so these alternatives will likely improve in time. And at $22– approximately half of what Apple charges for a main MagSafe charger, the slower charging speed might a worthwhile trade-off for the lower cost, specifically as the styles continue to get increasingly more refined.


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