Guard against carelessness in COVID-19 fight: Former IMA secretary


    Guard against recklessness in COVID-19 battle: Former IMA secretary

    ” In the winter season, the breathing illness spreads quickly. Every one need to act properly and regain the momentum that we had earlier. The last pandemic came in 4 waves and lasted nearly 3 years,” he said.

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    Updated: Nov 15, 2020, 06: 44 AM IST

    The previous secretary of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Dr Ravi Malik, on Saturday cautioned versus negligence in the COVID-19 fight, including that individuals ought to be careful since pollution has actually also begun rising.

    ” Negligence has actually slowly crept inside people’s mentality regarding COVID-19 We have actually begun seeing public event and big scale functions. We are witnessing the increase of cases in Delhi. At this time, individuals must take care because contamination has actually likewise begun rising and there is smog,” Dr Malik told ANI.

    ” In the winter, the respiratory health problem spreads rapidly. Every one ought to act properly and gain back the momentum that we had earlier. The last pandemic came in 4 waves and lasted almost 3 years,” he said.

    Malik even more said that we should be taking hints from some European countries who enforced lockdown due to the current spike in COVID-19 cases in Delhi for the previous few days and the total count of cases in the country crossing 87.73 lakh.

    ” If they are required to impose a lockdown then we are not any different. Everybody must be personally responsible for oneself. And this surge of cases should be suppressed,” he stated.

    He stated air pollution should not be taken gently.

    ” For some factor, we are taking air pollution lightly. Air contamination will assault the lungs and COVID-19 will also assault the lungs. And due to the fact that of that, COVID-19 related deaths can also increase. In a bid to handle the scenario we need to do our bit and the government need to do its role.

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