Forest dept satellite tags six vultures in Gujarat


    Forest dept satellite tags 6 vultures in Gujarat

    By: Express News Service|Rajkot |

    November 21, 2020 4: 38: 48 am

    Gujarat Forest dept, vultures in Gujarat, satellite tags vultures in Gujarat, Ahmedabad news, Gujarat news, Indian express news A satellite-tagged vulture eats a carcass. (Courtesy: Gujarat forest department)

    To study the ecology of vultures in the state and gain insight into their migration pattern, the Sasan Wildlife Department in Junagadh has satellite-tagged 6 vultures of 3 species as a part of the Action Prepare For Vulture Preservation, 2020-2025, released by the Central government on November 12.

    Mohan Ram, the Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) at Sasan Wildlife Division, stated Friday they have tagged 3 long-billed vultures (LBV), 2 white-rumped vultures (WRV) and one king vulture (KV) between October 12 and November 12 by trapping the birds in Juna-gadh and Bhavnagar districts.

    The satellite tags are powered by solar-photovoltaic cells, the DCF stated in an official release.

    ” Considering the sharp decrease in the vulture population and concentrating on its conservation, it is essential to have extensive clinical info about the birds feeding sites, migration routes and basic height at which they fly, favored roosting and breeding sites and so on. For that reason, a job on tagging vultures with satellite tags was started by the Sasan Wildlife Department with the approval of the Main federal government,” Ram said.

    Under the task, he added, extensive conversations were accepted global experts on tagging vultures and “based on their assistance, six vultures were tagged with solar-powered tags suitable for vultures”.

    Nine types of vultures are discovered in India, eight of which have been recorded in Gujarat. Of the eight, a minimum of 4– WRV, LBV, KV and Egyptian vulture– are resident types in Gujarat while the staying, consisting of Eurasian griffon and Himalayan griffon, are migratory.

    Over the last 20 years, the vulture population in Gujarat has seen a drastic decrease. The population of these winged scavengers was approximated to be 2,647 people in2005 It boiled down to simply 820 people by 2020, a book released by Gujarat forest department on the vultures of the state mentioned.

    ” According to a study carried out in between 1992 and 2007, a sharp decrease of 99.9 percent in WRV’s population and 95 per cent in the population of other gyps vultures was observed. Owing to this catastrophic decline, various types of vultures are listed under ‘seriously endangered’ or ‘threatened’ classifications by International Union for Preservation of Nature (IUCN),” Ram stated. The satellite telemetry of vultures, he included, will help understand lots of unknown aspects of these birds.

    Based on the latest population quotes, there are a total of 352 WRV and 285 LBVs in Gujarat. Mahuva area of Bhavnagar hosts practically 45 percent of WRVs, and the population has actually stayed largely stable given that 2012, Ram said. Fifty-two percent population of LBVs is believed to be in Saurashtra region, with its greatest concentration in Junagadh district, he included.

    ” This work (satellite tagging) may provide genuine clinical details about various unknown facts about the vultures … With the aid of these tags, details about the regional migration and other motions, environment choices, area etc can be determined,” the DCF included.

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