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    FEFKA relocations Supreme Court against order of Competitors Commission


    It asked artistes, professionals, and producers not to work with director Vinayan

    It asked artistes, professionals, and manufacturers not to deal with director Vinayan

    Movie Workers’ Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) has actually approached the Supreme Court against an order by the Competitors Commission of India (CCI) that had held it responsible for enjoying anti-competitive practices by asking artistes, specialists, and producers not to deal with director Vinayan.

    The CCI, which had actually released an order on March 24, 2017, based on Mr. Vinayan’s complaint, enforced a total penalty of 11.25 lakh on FEFKA, Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA), and its agents for violation of the arrangements under the Competition Act,2002 FEFKA and FEFKA Director’s Union have petitioned the apex court that the CCI did not have the jurisdiction to intervene in its activities, which come under the province of the Trade Unions Act, 1926.

    ‘ Trade union concern’

    “Our contention is that any complaint related to the trade unions can just be brought prior to the Labour Department or the labour court. All the trade unions in the country will be impacted if the CCI’s order is held valid,” stated B. Unnikrishnan, general secretary of FEFKA.

    Mr. Vinayan stated he had approached the CCI seeking its intervention to eliminate the ban imposed him by bodies that consist of FEFKA and AMMA. “Mr. Unnikrishnan require to focus on how to reanimate film employees from the crisis caused by the pandemic rather than attempting to interrupt my right to operate in the market,” he said.

    The CCI had directed the AMMA, FEFKA, FEFKA Directors’ Union, and FEFKA production executives’ union to pay a fine of 4 lakh,85,594, 3.86 lakh, and56,661 respectively for indulging in anti-competitive practices.

    It had actually also asked stars Innocent and Edavela Babu (as representatives of AMMA); filmmaker Sibi Malayil (as president of FEFKA) and Mr. Unnikrishnan to pay a fine of51, 478,19,113,66, 356, and32, 026 respectively.



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