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    Explain steps taken to protect Waqf properties: HC


    Explain steps required to secure Waqf residential or commercial properties: HC

    Court seeks action versus Waqf board CEO.

    The ‘Waqf Home’ at Nampally in Hyderabad.


    Court looks for action against Waqf board CEO.

    Taking an exception to the reaction of Waqf board Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Qasim over alleged infringement of Waqf homes, Telangana High Court on Monday directed the State government to explain what steps it had required to safeguard Waqf homes.

    A bench of Chief Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan and Justice B. Vijaysen Reddy, hearing a couple of PIL petitions over alleged failure of Waqf board in inspecting infringement of Muslim graveyards, directed the Local Administration principal secretary to file a report within three weeks. The bench likewise advised the federal government to describe to the court throughout the next hearing about the action taken against Waqf board Ceo Mohammed Qasim for his carelessness over defense of Waqf properties.

    When the pleas turned up for hearing, the bench sought to understand from the CEO, who existed at the hearing, regarding why just 5 First Info Reports (FIRs) were lodged when there were 86 problems of unlawful advancements of Waqf homes. The bench questioned what avoided the Waqf board CEO from taking the complaints to its rational end.

    If cops decline to issue FIRs keeping the complaints were of civil nature, how would the officials stay peaceful, the bench asked. The bench asked the CEO if he did not understand the essentials of Bad guy Treatment Code. To the dismay of the bench, the CEO stated he was not knowledgeable about those arrangements. Expressing anger over the failure of the CEO in protecting Waqf homes, the bench mentioned that it was much better to change the CEO with another officer.

    The bench remarked it was not correct to appoint the obligations of securing properties to an incapable officer. If the Station Home Officers of police headquarters decreased to sign up criminal cases on supposed encroachments of graveyards, the CEO must have used up the matter with higher-ups of the cops department.

    If authorities refuse to act on the problem, the Waqf board officials can lodge personal complaints in magistrate courts, the bench stated. The CEO needs to have taken opinion of the Waqf board counsel if he was unaware of the law on the matter.

    The Waqf board counsel told the bench that issues like insufficient employee came in the way of safeguarding the residential or commercial properties. But the bench dismissed that argument that even courts were not fully geared up with personnel but yet they were discharging their tasks.

    The pleas were posted to next Monday for hearing.

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