Envoys Wanted Harsh Steps Against Indian Missions Over Note Ban: Outgoing Dean of Diplomatic Corps


    Envoys Desired Harsh Actions Versus Indian Missions Over Note Restriction: Outgoing Dean of Diplomatic Corps

    Objectives of some nations were disappointed and upset with not being able to access their accounts fully and the restricted flow of cash after the Indian federal government demonetized Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency keeps in mind in2016 In truth, a handful of envoys even recommended harsh reciprocal steps versus Indian objectives and diplomats abroad, exposed outbound Dean of Diplomatic Corps in India, Ambassador Frank Hans Dannenberg Castellanos.

    The Ambassador of the Dominican Republic told News18 that getting the problems of objectives fixed and forming a consensus over what to interact to the Indian government over the issue of demonetization was one of the most tough tasks he had on hand in his 4 years as the Dean of Diplomatic Corps. While he has actually served in India for 15 years, he functioned as a spokesperson for the foreign objectives in India for 4 years.

    He pointed out that while most countries believed and communicated that it was India’s internal matter, some had actually shown a sharp reaction to the financial restrictions it imposed. Immediate payments in some cases, for example, to labour at constructions that were on at some embassy buildings got stalled and tourists also came back to their respective missions with problems.

    Followed by this was GST that likewise created initial problems for the diplomats in their GST returns. Nevertheless, Ambassador Castellanos appreciated the Ministry of External Affairs for resolving their issues by organising three meetings of the administrative staff of embassies with the financing ministry. He stated it greatly helped in offering clarity and enhancing procedures.

    The Ambassador also had kind words for an “ever-evolving” India he has actually witnessed over the last 15 years. He called India a “world player” and praised it for the role it has played in the Covid-19 crisis extending help to different countries. He said India had actually turned the misfortune to its diplomatic benefit by the humanitarian assistance it extended in the type of medication export like hydroxychloroquine, paracetamol and other medical materials. India assisted the Dominican Republic two times during the last 9 months of the pandemic.

    Ambassador Castellanos called India a “distinct location” for diplomats. He likewise expressed terrific enjoyment at the truth that India had actually announced opening an objective in his country. So far, India’s Ambassador to Cuba handle the Dominican Republic too. Ambassador Castellanos’ next project will remain in Moscow.


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