Elon Musk’s ‘Strange’ Reaction To Becoming World’s Richest Person


    Elon Musk’s ‘Strange’ Response To Becoming World’s Richest Individual

    Elon Musk's 'Strange' Reaction To Becoming World's Richest Person

    Elon Musk has overtaken Jeff Bezos as the world’s wealthiest individual (AFP)

    Elon Musk, the outspoken business owner behind Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, is now the wealthiest individual on the planet – a feat he himself discovers “odd”.

    Elon Musk surpassed Jeff Bezos on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a ranking of the world’s 500 wealthiest individuals, thanks to a 4.8% rally in the electrical carmaker’s share price Thursday. However even as his net worth touched a staggering $1885 billion, Mr Musk himself was raring to return to work.

    On Thursday, a Twitter account called ‘Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley’ shared news to the 49- year-old business tycoon becoming the world’s wealthiest individual and earned a wry action from Mr Musk himself.

    ” How odd,” Elon Musk responded, and followed it up by saying, “Well, back to work …”

    How unusual

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2021

    Well, back to work …

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2021

    Over the past year, Elon Musk’s net worth skyrocketed by more than $150 billion in potentially the fastest bout of wealth production in history, according to a Bloomberg report A pinned tweet on his Twitter profile explains what he wants to finish with the cash.

    ” About half my money is meant to help problems in the world & half to help establish a self-reliant city on Mars to guarantee continuation of life (of all types) in case Earth gets hit by a meteor like the dinosaurs or WW3 takes place & we damage ourselves,” Elon Musk explains in a tweet from 2018.


    After overtaking Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person, Mr Musk – who has discussed sending people to Mars in the past – reiterated his promise.

    When a Twitter account just named Mars asked him, “When’s our first date? You’ve been teasing coming by,” he responded by saying, “Playing the long video game.”

    Playing the long game

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2021

    Elon Musk says he has little interest in material things and has few assets outside his stakes in Tesla and SpaceX. In an interview last month, he said he wishes to use his wealth to construct a city on Mars.

    ” I wish to have the ability to contribute as much as possible to the city on Mars,” Elon Musk said. “That suggests just a great deal of capital.”

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