Elon Musk took a swipe at Facebook after the attack on the Capitol, saying that the riots were the result of a ‘domino effect’ stemming from the social network’s creation


    Elon Musk took a swipe at Facebook after the attack on the Capitol, stating that the riots were the outcome of a ‘domino effect’ stemming from the social media network’s creation

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    Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk (left) and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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    • Elon Musk shared an image on Twitter Wednesday night that appeared to partially blame Facebook for the pro-Trump violence in the Capitol.
    • ” This is called the domino result,” Musk tweeted. The first domino in the image was identified “a website to rate ladies on campus,” in reference to the creation of Facebook by Harvard College student.
    • The final domino was about the rioters, who stormed the capital on Wednesday.
    • Facebook has been accused of permitting false information to spread out, including from President Donald Trump.
    • Musk’s response to Wednesday’s violence, throughout which four individuals passed away, was mild compared to lots of other service leaders.
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    Elon Musk apparently blamed the production of Facebook for the violence in the US Capitol in a tweet posted late Wednesday night.

    Congress met on Wednesday to certify the outcome of the United States presidential election. Prompted on by President Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric and claims of election fraud, rioters stormed the Capitol 4 individuals died— one shot by cops, three from medical emergency situations

    Later that night, Musk shared a meme connecting the riots to Facebook. The image featured tiles lining up like dominoes. The smallest tile, the domino that triggers the others to fall, was identified “a site to rate women on campus,” in recommendation to the development of Facebook by Harvard College student.

    On the largest tile was a post from Mark Leibovich, primary national reporter for The New York Times Publication, which read: “The Capitol seems to be under the control of a man in a viking hat.” Leibovich’s comment described Jake Angeli, a popular QAnon influencer called the “Q Shaman,” whose image was extensively shared Wednesday as he stormed the Capitol in a Viking-like horned fur helmet

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2021

    Social media platforms have progressively come under fire in current months for permitting misinformation, consisting of from Trump, to spread

    Musk has been openly critical of Facebook for many years. In February, he prompted individuals to delete their Facebook accounts, calling the platform “lame,” and in Might he tweeted “Facebook sucks” throughout a clash with the social media giant’s expert system lead.

    Musk, unlike other company leaders on Wednesday, did not directly condemn the rioters or speak out versus the violence. Google CEO Sundar Pichai called it the “antithesis of democracy” in an internal memo seen by Expert, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “those responsible for this insurrection must be held to account.”

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    Facebook got rid of a video of President Trump spouting unwarranted claims of election scams on Wednesday night. The platform then blocked Trump from publishing material for 24 hours.

    But prior to this decision, Facebook, without description blocked staff members from talking about posts on its internal messaging boards going over the ban. Employees likewise slammed the platform’s lack of speed and aggressiveness in dealing with the situation.

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did, however, send a memo to staff condemning the “mob violence,” calling it “a dark moment in our nation’s history.”

    ” The tranquil transition of power is crucial to the functioning of democracy, and we need our political leaders to lead by example and put the country initially,” the memo continued.

    Trump in a declaration early Thursday vowed an “orderly shift of power.”

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