Dhrupad Sansthan trainees divided over composition of brand-new ICC


    Panel was set up to probe allegations of sexual harassment versus instructor Akhilesh Gundecha.

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    While a group of 70 trainees have welcomed the new structure after the previous ICC was dissolved following objections by a section of students that its members were close to the Gundecha household, another 25 students, who declare to consist of at least 10 victims, have actually described the current structure “rash” and the procedure “exclusionary”.

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    On the other hand, a trainee, asking for privacy while declaring to represent the 25 dissenting trainees, stated numerous had no concept of the declaration as there had been practically no communication between the groups and nor were they totally involved in the structure.

    Later, social activist Sushma Iyengar, part of the first ICC, informed students about the law recommending the ICC, its functions and the option available to survivors, following which trainees nominated external members who were finally chosen by agreement of Ms. Iyengar and a few senior trainees.



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