Delhi riots case: Delhi cops submit chargesheet

    Ex-JNU student leader Umar Khalid arrested

    A senior police officer stated that the protesters blocked roads at 25 locations which blocking a roadway was undemocratic. Out of 747 witnesses, 95 witnesses recorded their declaration before a magistrate in a court. A WhatsApp group produced in the name of a Delhi protest support group was the main group where violence was intended on the arrival of U.S. President Donald Trump in Delhi, the officer stated. In a chat, a man offered the guideline to leave the demonstration site the minute violence begin, he included.

    Authorities said that they had actually submitted a chargesheet versus 15 individuals, and for the remaining 6– Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid, Mohammad Illyas, Mohammad Pervez Ahmad, Danish and another– an extra chargesheet would be sent.

    The riots that broke out in parts of northeast Delhi in February 2020 claimed 53 lives, 583 persons were injured, and there was destruction and damage of both federal government in addition to private properties on a substantial scale, the police stated.

    Claims totaling up to more than20 crore to compensate for the loss of property had been submitted prior to the Delhi government, which indicated the scale and tremendous cost of the disaster, added the police.

    Over 16,000 Cops Control Room calls were gotten and a total of 751 cases were registered by Delhi police in connection with the riots. Fifty-nine cases were designated to a Special Investigation Team made up in the Crime Branch; 691 cases were examined by the district cops; and one case, which was signed up on March 6 to examine the bigger conspiracy behind the riots, was designated to the Unique Cell, the police said.



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