Home India Damaged roads in urban local bodies to be restored with ₹1,000 crore

    Damaged roads in urban local bodies to be restored with ₹1,000 crore


    Harmed roadways in city regional bodies to be restored with 1,000 crore

    Over 11,000 km needed to be fixed in urban local bodies.

    Over 11,000 km needed to be fixed in city regional bodies.

    The Tamil Nadu federal government has actually accorded in-principle approval for using up urgently required road works for about 1,000 crore through pooled financing raised as a loan through banks and banks on behalf of the metropolitan regional bodies.

    ” The loan shall be repaid by the city local bodies. It is also ordered that specific Detailed Task Reports sent by the metropolitan local bodies will be thought about and authorized by the Job Sanctioning Committee for Tamil Nadu Urban Roadway Facilities Fund (TURIF),” a G.O. provided in this regard specified.

    The Commissioner of Municipal Administration (CMA) had earlier explained that the provision made in the Supply of water and Under Ground Sewerage System Scheme was just to bring back the cut portion of the roadways and not for replaying the whole stretch. “Due to that, the roadways are not restored fully under plan funds,” it highlighted.

    In spite of fixing of these roads under various plans, roads of about 11,000 km needed to be fixed in metropolitan local bodies,” mentioned the CMA who also competed that the city local bodies were facing severe financial crunch due to cut in grants, withholding of basic property tax modification, exemption of lease rent for two months throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19).

    The CMA had asked for the State federal government to accord approval for special roadways programme for these urban local bodies through federal government grants or loans from financial organizations at 1,000 crore (in the very first phase) which were damaged by Corporations, Municipalities, town panchayats.

    Tamil Nadu.
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