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    COVID-19: West Bengal government to encourage fairs, expos to encourage livelihood of artisans


    COVID-19: West Bengal government to motivate fairs, expositions to motivate livelihood of artisans

    The art of income, regardless of the pandemic needs to be encouraged and practiced, West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay stated on Saturday adding that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has actually discussed this to officials on many occasions. The Chief Secretary said that the State federal government is motivating artists and entertainers of jatras and various folk arts to guarantee that their income is protected.

    ” There is no ceiling on open premises for melas, exhibits, expositions and musical performances if individuals are maintaining physical distancing and considering the area of the open ground,” Mr. Bandyopadhyay said. The Chief Secretary said that after the celebration season and resumption of train services the State federal government was actively thinking about offering an opportunity to artists to continue with their livelihood.

    ” We have told District Magistrates, Superintendent of Authorities, Commissioners of Cops through video conference and meetings many times that folk artists and artisans ought to be encouraged. They should not face any obstacles in arranging their performances within the standards of physical distancing,” he stated. The beginning of winter sees a number of celebrations and musical performances in Kolkata and somewhere else every year.

    Meanwhile, a variety of single screen cinema owners are considering closing their halls in Kolkata due to the fact that there are not enough viewers to sustain their operations. The movie theater halls are enabled to operate with 50 % capability with a maximum limit of 200.

    3,639 new COVID-19 cases

    In the past 24 hours, 53 deaths were reported in the State due to COVID-19 infections taking the fatalities to 7,976 The state tape-recorded 3,639 new case taking the tally to 4,52,770 The discharge rate in the State increased to 92.63%. The portion of favorable cases out of samples checked increased to 8.26%. The State tested about 44,208 samples in the past 24 hours and the overall samples evaluated so far is 54.78 lakh.

    State unit BJP president Dilip Ghosh charged that there was an attempt to restrict the day-to-day tests to 45,000 so that the daily cases do not increase above 4,000 “Odisha and Bihar are testing about one lakh samples. If one lakh test is carried out here then the number of cases will cross 10,000,” he added.

    Other States.
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