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    Courts to allow online filing of applications soon: C.M. Joshi


    Courts to allow online filing of applications quickly: C.M. Joshi

    C.M. Joshi, Principal District and Sessions Judge, presenting the M.K. Nambyar Memorial gold medal to Vijay Kumar Budri in Belagavi on Friday.


    ” The Supreme Court of India is considering putting in place a system where supporters can file applications online,” C.M. Joshi, Principal District and Sessions Judge, said in Belagavi on Friday. “Following the instructions of the Supreme Court, courts in Belagavi will likewise enable filing of applications online in the near future,” he stated. He was speaking at a program to disperse awards to meritorious students of Raja Lakhamagouda Law College.

    ” Thinkers like Richard Susskind have argued that a minimum of 60% of disagreements will be fought online in the coming years. This is a crucial observation as numerous times we keep hearing that the academic system and the legal fraternity does not equal advances in modern innovation. All young graduates ought to keep abreast of legal and technological advancements,” he stated. He priced quote from Stephen Covey, the author of Seven Practices of Successful Individuals, stating ‘One must constantly keep sharpening your saw’.

    He added that all classical texts should be reinvented in modern-day times.

    ” We speak about alternative dispute resolution systems like settlement and mediation. We must keep in mind that this is an ancient technique as Lord Krishna himself was engaged in working out and mediating in the Mahabharata. We also speak of gender justice now a days. We need to understand that texts like Manu Smriti and Yajnyavalkya Smriti had actually offered several concepts that stood for gender justice and gender equality. We must go to the initial texts to understand them effectively. We have forgotten them under the light of brand-new and modern laws brought throughout the British program and independent India,” he said.

    ” Young trainees of law must transform ourselves. They should refer to books like The Constitutional and Legal History of India by Justice Rama Jois,” he said. He also asked trainees to study the books on future of professions and future of law by Mr. Susskind. “Completing your degree needs to not mean an end to your education however a beginning,” he said.

    He provided the M.K. Nambyar Memorial gold medal to Vijay Kumar Budri, who got the greatest marks in Constitutional Law. The medal and the cash prize is instituted by Attorney general of the United States of India K.K. Venugopal, in memory of his dad.

    Vivek Kulkarni, Governing Council member of the college, stated Karnataka Law Society chose to begin the L.L.M. course at R.L. Law College.

    Trainees like Sachidanand Patil, Trupti Sadekar, Megha Somannanavar, Ankita Patil, Sachin Chauhan and others discussed their experience in the college. Ladies Agent Anuja Belgaonkar proposeda vote of thanks.

    Anil Hawaldar, principal, Prof. P.A Yajurvedi and other team member existed.

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