Consume boiled water, hot food: Eatala


    Take in boiled water, hot food: Eatala

    Out of around 2000 individuals at rain rehab centres in Telangana who revealed symptoms of COVID-19, as numerous as 19 checked favorable for coronavirus. They were required to the State government hospitals for treatment. Taking safety measures to avoid COVID-19 has actually ended up being tough for people who are stuck in flooded localities. Besides, it brings heavy threat of water-borne diseases.

    Health Minister Eatala Rajender on Saturday held an evaluation on public health measures taken during the recent flood and its aftermath. Director of Public Health G Srinivasa Rao and other authorities notified him that 165 health camps were arranged at regions impacted by rain. Some camps were held throughout the day. A medical professionals, two staff nurses and a supporting staff were published in each camp.

    People who were rescued from immersed localities and brought to rehabilitation centres were checked for fever, coronavirus, and other health conditions which might occur out of the dominating circumstance. Masks and sanitisers were offered to those at the rehab centres. The Health department also organised 46 mobile health camps. If any one was detected with fever or other condition, medicines were offered to them.

    Mr Rajender stressed that people need to be made mindful of the illness that could occur due to the fact that of contaminated water. Given that there were chances for water and food to be infected, Mr Rajender advised individuals to consume boiled and filtered water and hot food.

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