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Cleared by COVID, homestays discover going hard


State’s 1,500 homestays are run mostly by the senior who make a living out of it.

The pre-COVID figures put the number of homestays in Kerala at over 1,500, 500 of which were classified by tourist agencies based on the features they had. Homestays at heritage zones in West Kochi, on the Marari beach, and various other spots, are significantly affected given that they are situated in 3 to 5 cents of land that can not be put to alternative use,” stated M.P. Sivadattan, director of the Kerala Homestay and Tourism Society (Kerala HATS).

Making things even more tight is the truth that the homestays, though locked down, have to pay industrial tariff towards fixed charges of power, water and so on

Paid quarantine

Some homestay owners discovered a method to sustain in the crisis by attempting to rent out their facility to returnees to Kerala who had to be on quarantine.



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