Chennai: 1.85 kg gold worth Rs 97.7 lakhs seized, 1 arrested


    Chennai: 1.85 kg gold worth Rs 97.7 lakhs took, 1 arrested

    The Customs authorities at Chennai airport prevented five cases of gold smuggling by Dubai returnees on Sunday.

    Gold smuggling

    Upgraded: Nov 16, 2020, 10: 01 PM IST

    Air Customs authorities in Chennai warded off five cases of gold smuggling by Dubai returnees on Sunday and took a total of 1.85 kg gold valued at Rs 97.7 lakh under the Customs Act.

    Late on Sunday night, Dhasthageer from Ramanathapuram who had arrived from Dubai by means of Fly Dubai FZ 8517 was intercepted. On frisking, he was found carrying one package of gold paste in anus and one package of gold paste was discovered taped on the ankle of his right. An overall of 280 gram gold paste was recuperated, which when extracted, yielded 243 grams of 24 K pureness gold, valued at Rs 12.8 lakh. The guest was jailed based upon a previous offence and the Gold was taken.

    According to officials, four passengers who had shown up by means of Emirates flight EK-544 were intercepted and questioned based on suspicion of bring gold packages hidden in anus. On frisking, 12 bundles of gold paste weighing 1.93 kg were recuperated from their rectum.

    On extraction, 1.61 kg of 24 K purity gold valued at Rs 84.94 lakhs was recovered and taken. The guests who had actually attempted to smuggle gold were Mohamathu Tharig and Syed Mohamed Paris from Ramanathapuram and Sikkandar Masthan and Rahuman Khan from Chennai.

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