Centre To Kind Panel To Check Out Chinese Monitoring: KC Venugopal


    Centre To Form Panel To Look Into Chinese Surveillance: KC Venugopal

    KC Venugopal had earlier today required an information from the Centre in Rajya Sabha on the concern.

    New Delhi:

    Congress leader KC Venugopal on Wednesday stated that External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has offered details that the government has taken the reports of monitoring of Indians, including of political leaders, by a Chinese company seriously and made up a skilled committee to assess its implications within 30 days.

    ” Replying to my zero-hour intervention on Chinese monitoring, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar notified us that the Govt has actually taken the matter seriously and constituted an expert committee to examine this within 30 days. We anticipate quick action on this,” Mr Venugopal said in a tweet.

    Responding to my no hour intervention on Chinese surveillance, Hon’ ble External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar informed us that the Govt has taken the matter seriously & constituted a professional committee to evaluate this within 30 days. We expect fast action on this.

    — K C Venugopal (@kcvenugopalmp) September 16, 2020

    The government on Wednesday constituted an expert committee under the National Cyber Security Planner to study reports of security of Indians by Chinese firm Zhenhua Data and the External Affairs Ministry raised the issue with China’s Ambassador Sun Weidong in New Delhi, sources said.

    The professional group will likewise assess the implications of these reports, assess any offenses of law and send its recommendations within 30 days.

    The sources stated the government is deeply worried about any report that suggests that foreign sources are accessing or seeking to access the personal data of Indian people without their consent.

    ” The Federal government of India takes very seriously the security of privacy and individual data of Indian citizens. The government has actually made up a professional committee under the National Cyber Security Organizer to study these reports, evaluate their ramifications, examine any offenses of law and submit its recommendations within 30 days,” a source informed ANI.

    Mr Jaishankar interacted this decision to Mr Venugopal in reaction to needs from him and other MPs for securing information of Indian leaders and others from spying by Chinese business, sources stated.

    Mr Venugopal had earlier today required an information from the Centre in Rajya Sabha on the concern of “Chinese surveillance on politicians and crucial officials.”

    The sources said that the Ministry of External Affairs raised the issue of Zhenhua Data Infotech Co. which was apparently spying on popular Indians, with the Chinese Ambassador today.

    China said that Zhenhua is a personal business and specified its position publicly, the sources added.

    Mr Venugopal stated in Rajya Sabha that as per media report, Zhenhua Data Information, a Shenzhen based innovation company with links to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government is tracking over 10,000 Indians in its global database of foreign targets.

    ” This includes the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Opposition leader, Army Chief and MPs. This is a significant location of issue. I need to know from the government if it has actually kept in mind of it. If so, what actions have been taken?” he asked.



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