Centre Asks 4 States to Take Prompt Steps to Curb Recent Spike in Covid-19 Cases


    Centre Asks 4 States to Take Prompt Steps to Curb Current Spike in Covid-19 Cases

    The Centre has actually asked four states taping a rise in COVID-19 cases– Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal– to keep a “strict vigil” and take steps to suppress the current spike. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has composed to these states to draw their attention “to the low and declining screening rates in the states, mentioning that any laxity at this important junction may squander the results of our collective actions in consisting of the transmission”, according to a health ministry statement.

    The states have actually been advised to keep a “rigorous vigil” and to take actions to keep a check on the rising cases, especially in view of the new pressure of the virus being observed in a few states in India. They have been recommended to evaluate the rise at the district and sub-district levels to understand the reasons for this rise and plan appropriate steps proactively to curb the very same.

    Aggressive execution of the “test-track-treat” technique embraced by the country has been strongly recommended now especially by the health secretary. The health authorities in the states have actually likewise been recommended to proactively promote using of masks and other COVID-19– proper behaviours, while the vaccination drive is about to begin.

    ” It is necessary to make sure that there is no complacency in the cumulative efforts in containment and management of COVID-19,” the health secretary stated. The states have actually been ensured of all required support of the health ministry needed to handle the pandemic.

    ” The four states consist of 59 per cent of the total active cases in the nation,” the ministry said. The total COVID-19 cases in Kerala are 7,90,882 which form 7.61 percent of the overall cases. The active cases stand at 65,252, accounting for 28.61 percent of the overall national figure.

    Total number of recuperated cases is 7,22,421, accounting for a recovery rate of 91.34, while the overall deaths in the state are 3,209 with a case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.41 percent, the statement said. “The daily average cases in Kerala in the last 7 days are 5,023 whereas day-to-day typical deaths in the last 7 days are23 The tests per million (TPM) of Kerala stand at 1,96,432 and positivity rate is 11.28 per cent,” the declaration stated.

    The health secretary has revealed issue over the dip in the total tests in the previous two weeks in the state integrated with an increase in the positivity rate. The weekly positivity rate has actually been regularly above 11 per cent for the past two weeks, while the case positivity rate for the country is less than 2.5 per cent for the same period, the statement stated. In view of the above, a high-level central team led by Dr S K Singh, Director, National Centre for Illness Control (NCDC), has been rushed by the main government to Kerala. The team will evaluate the public health interventions in management of COVID-19 by the state government and support the state health authorities in these procedures, the ministry stated.

    Overall cases in Maharashtra stand at 19,54,553, accounting for 18.80 per cent of the national figure. An overall of 18,52,759 patients have recovered in the state, leading to a recovery rate of 94.79 per cent. The active cases in the state are 51,969(amounting for 22.79 percent of national figure). The state has actually reported a total of 49,825 casualties, with a CFR of 2.55 per cent.

    The everyday average cases in Maharashtra in the last 7 days are 3,707 and daily average deaths in the last 7 days are 51, the statement said. The TPM is 1,02,870 while the state positivity rate is pegged at 15.43 percent, it said.

    Chhattisgarh has signed up 2,85,586 cases (with portion share in total being 2.75 per cent) and 2,73,030 total number of recoveries with a recovery rate of 95.60 per cent. The active cases as on date are 9,109(3.99 per cent share in the national pie). The numbers of deaths in the state is 3,447 and the case fatality rate is 1.21 per cent.

    Everyday typical cases in Chhattisgarh in the last 7 days are 1,006 whereas daily average deaths in the last 7 days are 13, the statement stated. TPM is 1,16,744 with a positivity rate of 8.31 percent.

    West Bengal is reporting 5,57,252 cases (5.36 percent of the total cases in the nation). A total5,38,521 individuals have recuperated taking the healing rate to 96.64 percent. It has 8,868 active cases, representing 3.89 per cent of the nationwide figure. There have been 9,863 overall deaths in the state with a case fatality rate of 1.77 percent.

    The day-to-day average cases in West Bengal in the last 7 days are 908 and everyday average deaths are25 The number of TPM is 71,762 and the positivity rate is 7.80 per cent, the ministry said.


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