“Can’t Take This Anymore”: Angry UK Passengers On Delhi Airport Chaos


    “Can’t Take This Anymore”: Angry UK Passengers On Delhi Airport Chaos

    'Can't Take This Anymore': Angry UK Passengers On Delhi Airport Chaos

    Passengers on a flight from the UK have actually said they were not told of changed Covid rules

    New Delhi:

    Around midnight Friday a tense 34- second video emerged from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi airport – where almost 250 guests from the UK have been held since their flight landed at 10.30 am – amidst fury over what they say is confusion created by last-minute modifications to Covid screening and isolation rules

    The revised rules, tweeted by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after Air India flight AI 112 left from London, require all passengers to undergo 7 days’ institutional quarantine(and an equivalent duration house seclusion) even if they return unfavorable RT-PCR tests.

    It also needs travelers, some of whom required to Twitter to point out that they were travelling with babies, to undergo additional RT-PCR tests (they had already been checked prior to boarding in London) and be prepared to spend as much as 10 hours inside the airport.

    The video that emerged Friday night revealed a crowd of upset passengers collected around a desk staffed by cops and airport officials. Over the shouting and shouting born of disappointment a male’s voice can be heard: “We can not take this bullshit anymore”.

    Another passenger – a lady – can be heard stating: “I want (unclear) right now”.

    A third voice – another male – can be heard saying: “She is just one-year-old (describing his child). She can not take this any longer”.

    As moods flare the woman official at the desk likewise starts shouting and pointing fingers at the guests. A couple of police authorities then gingerly try to soothe the crowd while the female official waves a hand and walks back into the workplace.


    Travelers say they were not informed of the changes to screening and seclusion guidelines

    The notice that triggered the confusion was issued after a Thursday appeal by Mr Kejriwal – asking the centre to extend the restriction on flights (imposed over worries of the brand-new mutant stress spreading) from the UK till January 31 – failed.

    At 2.30 pm Friday Mr Kejriwal tweeted the revised rules.


    Travelers say they were not informed of the modifications, however Air India tweeted to state pre-flight statements were made, and that 20 individuals left due to the fact that of the altered standards.

    #FlyAI: The Govt of NCT of Delhi mandated extra steps in its newest standards for guests arriving from UK. “All visitors originating from UK (UK) to India from 08.0121 would be mandatorily subjected to self paid RTPCR tests on arrival at the airport.( 1/6) pic.twitter.com/JpE5T3e8qg

    — Air India (@airindiain) January 8, 2021

    Covid test results on the guests and crew of the flight that landed Friday early morning – the first because the restriction was lifted – verified that 222 were negative for the virus.

    The results of 32 others are still waited for. Two individuals have actually tested positive, although gene sequencing is required to validate if they are infected by the UK strain.

    The total number of active Covid cases in the national capital is around 4,200 Up until now over a lots of these have actually checked positive for the UK version.

    Across India the number of active cases stood at 2.25 lakh on Friday morning, of which around 82 were of the UK version of the virus.

    The centre suspended flight services between the UK and India on December23 India has actually lifted the restriction but major European nations – like France, Spain and Germany – have not.

    Also late Friday London mayor Sadiq Khan stated a “major event” in the UK capital, stating one in 30 individuals had COVID-19

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