“Can’t Take It When They Ridicule Our Market”: Hema Malini On Drugs Row


    Hema Malini, though a rival in politics, backed Jaya Bachchan’s sentiment on Bollywood.

    New Delhi:

    Experienced actor and BJP MP Hema Malini said Bollywood would “always remain in reverence” and nobody might bring it down in a flash over accusations like drugs and nepotism. In a psychological defence of the film industry, she stated, “I got name, popularity, regard, whatever from this market … it feels really hurtful.”

    Hema Malini, 71, talked to NDTV on a day another senior actor Jaya Bachchan, her contemporary in Hindi movies, spoke emphatically in parliament against what she called efforts to damn the movie market with allegations of substance abuse related to the Sushant Singh Rajput death investigation.

    Striking out at star and BJP MP Ravi Kishen over his comments on drugs in Bollywood, Jaya Bachchan, a Samajwadi Party member, said in Rajya Sabha: “Even if of a couple of individuals, you can not taint the entire industry … Jis thaali me khaate hain usi me chched karte hain,” she said.

    Hema Malini, though a competitor in politics, backed Jaya Bachchan’s sentiment. “I want to tell people, Bollywood beautiful location, an imaginative world, it is an art and culture market … I feel really injured when I hear individuals talking so bad about it, about drugs and things like that … Where does not it take place? If there is a stain, you wash it off and it goes. The stain on Bollywood will also go,” she informed NDTV.

    Numerous artistes worked so difficult to make the market, continued the actor-politician.

    ” So many terrific artistes … matinee idols were gods in human type. Individuals used to question whether they were artistes or God. Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dharmendra (Hema Malini’s other half), Amit-ji (Amitabh Bachchan) – they are all examples of Bollywood luminaries who made Bollywood synonymous with whatever Indian. Bollywood is India. I can’t take it when they ridicule our industry like this.”

    She added that even if there were instances, it did not imply the entire industry is bad.

    Taking on claims of nepotism, which has remained in the middle of a raving argument given that star Sushant Singh Rajput was discovered dead at his Mumbai house on June 14, Hema Malini said: “If someone’s son or daughter joins the industry, it is not a given that they become super stars. Talent and luck matters.”

    Bollywood, she said, could not be tarnished by a small stain. “Numerous contributed to this market – Hrisihkesh Mukherjee, Bimal Roy, Gulzar, Ramesh Sippy, Subhash Ghai … You can not pull down the industry in one minute.”


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