“Can’t Justify Licence To 3 BJP Stalwarts”: Kept In Mind Ex-Cop To Delhi Cops


    Communal violence over the centre’s controversial CAA had actually appeared in February. (File)

    New Delhi:

    On a day the Delhi Police submitted an extensive chargesheet naming 15 individuals connected to just one side associated with February’s riots, identified former police officer Julio Ribeiro composed a second letter to the city’s commissioner questioning the “the license provided to three BJP stalwarts” implicated of giving provocative speeches before the violence.

    Mr Ribeiro’s first letter followed an assurance from Delhi Authorities chief SN Shrivastava, who informed him that the investigation into the common clashes, that left 53 dead, a minimum of 200 injured and residential or commercial property worth crores harmed, was being assisted by facts and was reasonable.

    ” There are doubts in my original open letter which you have not resolved. I understand that it is challenging, indeed difficult, to validate the licence provided to the 3 BJP stalwarts I called – licence to tirade, rave and threaten those who are quietly objecting viewed wrongs. If the speakers were Muslims or Leftists the police would have surely taken them in for sedition!” Mr Ribeiro.

    The previous IPS officer, a recipient of the Padma Bhushan and President’s Police medal who led police forces in Mumbai, Gujarat and Punjab as well as the Central Reserve Police (CRPF), had actually named BJP leaders Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur and Parvesh Verma in his very first letter and asked why they had actually not been brought in for questioning.

    Right before the riots, Mr Mishra had actually been seen on video standing next to a policeman and threatening to “strike the streets” if protesters demonstrating versus the questionable Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) were unclear.

    Days before that, Mr Thakur, a union minister, had actually led the crowd at one of his rallies to chant a slogan to “shoot the traitors” referring to the protesters. Mr Verma, a parliamentarian, too was accused of providing similar incendiary speeches.

    Saying that he kept in mind in the Delhi Cops commissioner’s e-mail that he doubted Mr Ribeiro’s patriotism, the popular police officer asked for Mr Shrivastava to file chargesheets in all 753 cases signed up over the riots.

    Mr Ribeiro’s 2nd letter came right after the Delhi Cops published on Twitter the email that Mr Shrivastava had sent him.

    Authorities fraternity holds Mr Julio Rebeiro in reverence. He has actually raised doubts about the fairness in examination of North East Delhi riots. An e-mail reply has actually been sent to clear his doubts.The email reply is attached @CPDelhi @LtGovDelhi @HMOIndia pic.twitter.com/ZNVaFYwSXG

    — #DilKiPolice Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice) September 15, 2020

    The Delhi Authorities, which reports to the central federal government and whose function during the riots is likewise under scrutiny, on Wednesday submitted a 17,500- page chargesheet naming 15 individuals, all connected to demonstrations versus the centre’s questionable brand-new citizenship law and none from the campaign in its favour.

    Common violence over the centre’s questionable Citizenship Modification Act (CAA) had actually appeared in February between groups supporting and opposing the law that guaranteed citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from three neighbouring nations, extensively viewed as inequitable.



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