“Came For Maharaj”: 12 Madhya Pradesh Congress Rebels Against Joining BJP


    'Came For Maharaj': 12 Madhya Pradesh Congress Rebels Against Joining BJP

    Mr Scindia’s exit from the celebration was complied with by resignation of 21 Congress MLAs.( Documents)


    • Some Madhya Pradesh leaders in Bengaluru question joining BJP: Resources
    • BJP very closely keeping track of reports of leaders sharing booking
    • Problem deepens for Kamal Nath after Jyotiraditya Scindia resigns

    Bhopal/ New Delhi:

    A day after Jyotiraditya Scindia’s leave from the Congress, 10 MLAs and also 2 preachers faithful to the 49- year-old four-time legislator – who were flown to Bengaluru by a legal trip on Monday – have actually shown hesitation to join the BJP, sources have told NDTV.

    ” We came for Maharaj … not to sign up with the BJP,” the MLAs apparently said today, describing Jyotiraditya Scindia by the imperial title commonly used by Congress workers as well as advocates.

    The BJP is carefully monitoring records of these leaders revealing appointment in signing up with the party, according to sources.

    Trouble grew for 15- month-old Kamal Nath federal government on Monday when 19 Congress MLAs, including 6 priests, that are Jyotiraditya Scindia followers, were zipped a chartered airplane to Bengaluru in BJP-ruled Karnataka.

    Mr Scindia ended his 18- year-old lengthy organization with the Congress the next day after fulfilling Head of state Narendra Modi as well as Union House Priest Amit Shah. His leave from the celebration was followed by resignation of 21 Congress MLAs.

    ” I am tendering my resignation from the main membership of the Indian National Congress and as you popular, this is a course that has actually been attracting itself out over the last year,” he stated in his resignation letter sent out to Congress principal Sonia Gandhi, hinting at discontentment with his role and also duty in the event.

    Minutes later, the Congress tweeted that Mr Scindia has actually been gotten rid of from the celebration for “anti-party activities”.

    He is most likely to sign up with the BJP – co-founded by his grandmother Vijay Raje Scindia – today in Delhi. His crossover is most likely to be compensated with a Rajya Sabha election and ultimately, an area in the main closet.

    Sources have additionally spoken of differences within the state wing of the BJP in between advocates of BJP MLA Narottam Mishra as well as previous Chief Preacher Shivraj Singh Chouhan, both of whom had actually been connected to efforts to unsettle the Kamal Nath administration. According to sources, mottos in support of Mr Mishra were chanted on Tuesday and inquiries were raised over the function of Mr Chouhan in the disorder that has actually bordered the Congress government.

    Congress’s troubleshooter in Karnataka, DK Shivakumar, told NDTV on Tuesday that he is in touch with the rebel MLAs from Madhya Pradesh who are in Bengaluru, and that a lot of them will return to the celebration. “Nineteen MLAs are under ‘cops custodianship’ in Karnataka,” he told NDTV.

    Principal Priest Kamal Nath has actually said he is confident his government will complete its term. “There is nothing to stress over. We will certainly show our majority,” he said late on Tuesday night.


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