Brahmaputra Dredging, Embankments' ' Repair Top'Assam ' s Flood Battle List


Brahmaputra Dredging, Embankments' Repair Top Assam's Flood Fight List

Brahmaputra Dredging, Embankments’ Repair Top Assam’s Flood Fight List. (Representational)


With the floodwaters in Assam declining, the state federal government has actually decided to prioritise the mending of the breached embankments and fast-tracking land rehab for those who have lost their lands to flood and erosion.

The state federal government would likewise begin by early next year a pilot task of dredging the Brahmaputra river bed at choose places with a newly-bought cutting edge dredger from the United States, which is on its method to Assam.

” This is going to be a pilot project. We are getting one dredger worth Rs 25 crore from the United States. We were expected to get the equipment by March however there has actually been a delay due to the lockdown. If the pilot job works well, we will move forward with it,” Assam chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna informed NDTV.

The chief secretary even more included that providing land for resettlement of individuals in the state who have lost their lands due to erosions have actually likewise been fast-tracked.

” Given that self-reliance, 1.25 lakh households have actually lost either their farming or domestic land or both to disintegrations. In the past one and a half years, we have been able to transplant about 50 thousand households, rest we will follow up” Mr Krishna added.

Assam federal government is likewise pursuing with centre for getting the Northeast Water Management Authority functional.

The state federal government has actually asked the water resources department to use up by October the ‘repair work and rebuilding’ works of over 200 embankments breaches in the current floods.



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