BJP Carries Out ‘Shahid Tarpan’ For Slain Celebration Activists,

    BJP Performs 'Shahid Tarpan' For Slain Party Activists,

    The BJP performed ‘Shahid Tarpan’ for its slain activists at a ghat of the Ganga in the city on Wednesday, even as the Kolkata Cops evicted scores of them setting off a political face-off in between the judgment TMC and the saffron celebration. The unfazed BJP workers altered the location from Baghbazar ghat in north Kolkata, the website of the Tarpan, to close-by Golabari ghat and carried out the routine on the eve of Mahalaya in spite of the city authorities’s efforts to prevent the holding of the programme.

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    Kolkata, Sep 16: The BJP carried out ‘Shahid Tarpan’ for its killed activists at a ghat of the Ganga in the city on Wednesday, even as the Kolkata Police forced out ratings of them triggering a political face-off in between the ruling TMC and the saffron celebration. The unfazed BJP workers changed the venue from Baghbazar ghat in north Kolkata, the site of the Tarpan, to nearby Golabari ghat and performed the routine on the eve of Mahalaya in spite of the city cops’s efforts to prevent the holding of the program.

    The Kolkata Authorities cited the prevailing COVID-19 scenario for its action and dismantled a phase set up for the Shahid Tarpan. The TMC and the BJP accused each other of trying to obtain political mileage from a purely spiritual workout and the concern grew out of control into a major political row.

    ‘ Tarpan’ is a Hindu ritual in which water is provided to the ancestors with prayers for peace to the left souls. “The BJP had actually not taken consent for the occasion. So we decided to stop the program and took apart the phase,” a cops official stated.

    The city authorities installed barriers outside the Bagbazar Ghat to avoid BJP activists from going into the area.The BJP countered the charge saying it had actually sent out a mail to the Kolkata Cops on Tuesday night notifying it of the programme.

    The advancement activated a war of words between the BJP and the TMC who accused each other of communalising the issue.BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya, who was dropped in the cops from taking part in the occasion, accused the TMC government in West Bengal of working just for the advantage of the 30 percent minority population of the state, neglecting the 70 percent Hindus to “take care of themselves”.

    He alleged the state administration tries to produce obstacles for any programme or routine associated to Hinduism.” The state federal government works only for the 30 percent population (minorities) of the state. The remaining 70 per cent (Hindu population) are left to look after themselves.

    ” Why is this government versus Hinduism and its rituals? The cops stopped our party employees from carrying out tarpan. Later, we needed to arrange it somewhere else,” he said.Referring to the imposition of the state-wide lockdown on August 5, the day of bhoomi pujan at Ayodhya for the Ram temple, Vijayvargiya declared the TMC government develops challenges for any programme related to Hinduism.

    ” After we are voted to power in West Bengal next year, we will work for the whole population of the state and not simply for a particular neighborhood,” he informed press reporters after being prevented by the cops from going into Bagbazar Ghat. Assembly election is due in West Bengal in April-May next year.

    Inquired About the BJP not looking for prior consent, Vijayvargiya said the celebration had actually sent a mail to the authorities last night.” Do we need authorization to carry out ‘tarpan’ for our killed employees? It is a Hindu routine that is being carried out for ages. Still, we had actually sent an email to the police last night seeking authorization for the program,” he said.

    Reacting to the allegation, TMC secretary basic Partha Chatterjee said the BJP is attempting to communalise the problem. “No one was stopped from offering Tarpan. The authorities had actually stopped the parish of BJP employees due to the pandemic and they had actually not taken any approval.

    ” There is no constraint on carrying out Tarpan ritual.The BJP is spreading canards and trying to communalize the issue which they are very good at,” Chatterjee said.

    The BJP has actually been performing ‘mass tarpan’ because 2019 for party workers eliminated in political violence in West Bengal in the last couple of years.J P Nadda, the then BJP nationwide working president, had actually carried out ‘mass tarpan’ for killed party employees in September last year.

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