Bird Flu: Can You Eat Chicken, Eggs? Key Questions Answered


    Bird Influenza: Can You Eat Chicken, Eggs? Key Concerns Answered

    Bird Flu: Can You Eat Chicken, Eggs? Key Questions Answered

    Delhi, Maharashtra amongst 10 specifies with bird influenza amid nationwide efforts to consist of the spread.

    New Delhi:
    Reports of lakhs of birds passing away of Bird Influenza, or bird flu, over the last couple of days have actually sent out panic waves across the nation. Its verification in 10 states and reports of likely spread in others, has actually made people question the threat posed by the virus which is understood to be zoonotic – or one that can jump from animals to human beings. The fear has actually likewise hit sale of bird meat, consisting of chicken, and eggs.

    Here’s all you need to understand about bird influenza and the hazard it poses to people:

    1. It is safe to consume “fully cooked eggs and chicken,” animal husbandry minister Giriraj Singh just recently said in a tweet with a federal government advisory as poultry sales took a hit across states. To eliminate the heat-sensitive infection, specialists suggest boiling eggs till the yolk and white are firm, and making sure the meat is cooked all the way through, or not pink in the center.

    2. The federal government has actually eased worries of infection to human beings through polluted meat, saying that “in India, the illness spreads out mainly by migratory birds”, however added that “secondary spread (from infected birds) by human handling (through fomites) can not be dismissed”.

    3. This puts officials checking samples, collecting dead birds and associated with culling at risk as the infection spreads through saliva, blood and droppings. To protect them, the centre has directed obligatory usage of PPE sets while dealing with contaminated birds. Butchers are also at high risk of contracting the bird influenza, and are encouraged to be cautious.

    4. Specialists state that even if a human does get contaminated – as held true in Hong Kong in 1997 when the H5N1 pressure of bird flu contaminated 80 people and killed one – the opportunities of human-to-human transfer of the infection are low.

    5. To examine the spread of Bird Influenza even amongst birds, impacted states have actually briefly closed poultry markets, began choosing infected birds, prohibited import of live birds and developed “bio-bubbles” around zoos and sanctuaries. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Farming also met senior officials of the Ministry of Animal Husbandry to examine the accessibility of animal vaccines in the nation.


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