Biden Administration Will Have More Deliberate, Thoughtful Engagement with India: Expert


    Biden Administration Will Have More Intentional, Thoughtful Engagement with India: Specialist

    The incoming Biden administration will have a more purposeful and thoughtful engagement with India, a noted diplomacy professional has actually stated, asserting that there will be an opportunity to work with New Delhi to stabilize the burgeoning impact of China in the region. Sohini Chatterjee, a faculty member at Columbia University who formerly functioned as senior policy advisor in the Obama administration, said in some cases, there will be a “little bit of consistency” as both US President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden believe that India is an essential strategic partner in the area.

    However Trump’s relationship with India was a bit more short-term and reactive, the Biden administration is most likely to have a slightly more deliberate and thoughtful engagement with India, Chatterjee told PTI. “I believe there’ll be an opportunity to actually work with India to balance the sort of blossoming influence of China in the area, and structure a dialogue that looks for, in some methods to counterbalance that burgeoning influence,” she said, adding that the QUAD engagement involving Japan and Australia would continue.

    Chatterjee, who is likewise senior partner at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, and Legal Consultant to Independent International Legal Supporters, said for the Biden administration at the minimum human rights will now be “on the table as a critical problem to address.” The Biden administration is going to be a lot more worried with standard, essential human rights, she said. Chatterjee stated that there might be higher cooperation in between India and the US in multilateral organization, in particularl at the UN Security Council where India is now a non-permanent member for the next two years starting January next year.

    Now that President-elect Biden is preparing on joining the Paris Climate accord, as quickly as he gets into office, having a tactical discussion with India on how to fight environment change would be a great opportunity, she stated. Observing that the Biden administration in its early days was most likely going to be extremely worried about taking on some of the concerns on the house front consisting of COVID19, Chatterjee said there are chances to deal with India on concerns like environment change, and COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, that would most likely be a preliminary concern.

    Noting that the bilateral trade relationship has actually been strained under the Trump administration, Chatterjee stated that Biden is well aware of the importance of the US- India trade relationship, along with the requirement for the 2 nations to work to counterbalance China’s influence on sell the region. “So, I think there’ll be a pivot there on the trade side. The defense cooperation will likely continue. And these transnational obstacles, like climate change, and pandemics, and even international terrorism, will probably end up being even more important under the Biden administration,” she stated.

    Specifying that the Trump administration was really eager to disengage from the multilateral institutions, she noted the Biden administration has a possibility to lead once again on the international stage. “And having India sort of increase to the event at the international space, I think, this would be a fun time for that too. I think the United States must deal with others with other democracies to not only address the sort of imbalances in favour of China at the WTO, but likewise address that sort of imbalances and trade that favour China in the area,” Chatterjee stated.


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