Belkin wireless charger sold by Apple is being recalled for fire hazards


Belkin cordless charger offered by Apple is being remembered for fire threats

Belkin is willingly recalling its Portable Wireless Battery Charger Stand Scandal Sheet that was sold in Apple retail shops and online on Apple and Belkin’s websites because of fire and shock safety threats. No occurrences or injuries have been linked to the battery charger, according to the Customer Item Safety Commission, and the malfunction should just impact battery chargers sold between July 2020 and October 2020.

The cordless charging stand has a 10,000 mAh power capability and can charge at 10 W speed for phones that support it, but a concern with the “power supply unit” might trigger the device to overheat and leave it susceptible to igniting or stunning people. Belkin is encouraging anyone who’s acquired the gadget to stop utilizing it and unplug it from power. The company will likewise release refunds to anyone who owns an afflicted battery charger.

In the grand scheme of Apple’s iPhones, wireless charging has just been available given that the 2017 launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X Apple revealed AirPower at the very same occasion, a wireless charging mat that was expected to charge several gadgets at the same time, but it was eventually canceled because it didn’t satisfy Apple’s “high requirements.” Rumors later pointed to issues with the gadget’s charging coils overheating as part of the motivation for Apple canceling. All of this to say, cordless charging is harder than it looks, and Belkin’s recall is yet another example of problems that can occur in a deceptively easy item.

If you own a charger impacted by the recall, you can submit a kind to ask for a refund on Belkin’s support site


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