As owls face occult threat on Diwali, Uttarakhand officials step up vigil


    As owls deal with occult danger on Diwali, Uttarakhand officials step up vigil

    Composed by Lalmani Verma
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    Updated: November 14, 2020 7: 28: 21 am

    Uttarakhand forests are house to numerous owl types.

    It’s the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi, whose blessings many Indians look for on Deepawali. Paradoxically, the celebration of lights is also when the owl is the most threatened. Every year around Deepawali, these shy, primarily nocturnal birds of prey are caught and hunted in large numbers as tantriks, sorcerers, and specialists of black magic usage them in occult sacrifice.

    In Uttarakhand, whose forests are home to a number of the more than 2 lots types of owl found in India, the Forest Department has actually sounded a statewide alert and authorities have increased their vigil to attempt and hinder poachers.

    Leave of field personnel have been cancelled, they have actually been asked to increase patrolling, and activate informers around forests in order to identify suspicious activity.

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    ” Occultists perform particular routines with owls on Diwali. They likewise compromise the bird to appease Goddess Lakshmi, with the superstitious notion that this would bring them wealth and success,” a senior forest officer stated.

    ” Occultists likewise draw out bones, claws, and feathers of owls and offer them unlawfully,” the officer stated. “Usually, tantriks perform such rituals on the night of Diwali. The poaching of owls, therefore, increases around Diwali.”

    The officer stated the Department had actually increased its vigil specifically in forest areas with temples, and on the borders of the state to examine the entry of poachers and smuggling of the birds. Chief Wildlife Warden J S Suhag confirmed that an alert has actually been released to field staff. While the poaching of owls particularly around Deepawali has been flagged by wildlife conservationists for over a years now, the Uttarakhand Forest Department has no current information on the issue.

    In 2019, an overall 138 occurrences of wildlife criminal offense, including 47 cases of poaching, were taped in the state, however none was associated with owls. This year, 88 wildlife criminal activity cases had actually been signed up till October 31, including 37 cases related to poaching, however once again, none had to do with owls.

    A forest officer in the Haldwani variety stated that while “there might be no specific registered cases of poaching of owls”, the chances of poaching “certainly increase at the time of Diwali”.

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    Mohan Singh Rawat, Range Officer, Dehradun Zoo, said, “Individuals typically call me to inquire about procedures to adopt different wild animals and birds in the zoo. But prior to Diwali, the majority of callers inquire about owls. I get seven or 8 such calls every day.”

    There are12 owls in the zoo, three of which were embraced recently by people who agreed to pay Rs 5,000 every year for the bird. Once an owl is adopted, the zoo displays the name and address of the adopter outside the enclosure.

    Lalit Prasad, a priest in Haridwar, revealed dismay at the idea of killing owls on Deepawali.

    ” Only tantriks sacrifice owls, and it is incorrect. The owl is the vaahan of Goddess Lakshmi, how can you calm Her by eliminating it?” he stated.

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