Apple simply made AppleCare Plus method much better with more protection and lower replacement fees


Apple’s warranty program, AppleCare Plus, just saw a substantial expansion in its coverage with an included annual repair for accidental damage. The changes, identified first yesterday by MacRumors in the wake of Apple’s “Time Flies” hardware reveal, suggest AppleCare Plus owners are now covered for two cases of unintentional damage coverage every 12 months. That’s a total of four fixes over the basic 2 years of protection.

The prior window for those two occurrences of coverage was 24 months (or 36 months for particular items like Macs). It appears this is the case not just for the iPhone however for all other AppleCare Plus-eligible items, that include AirPods, Apple TELEVISION, Apple Watch, Beats earphones, HomePod, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Pro Display XDR.

You can see the modifications applied at the new AppleCare Plus site here, and the older version of the website as it existed a couple of days ago here In some cases, AppleCare Plus protection for products like Macs and the Pro Show XDR was listed as simply “2 events of unintentional damage protection,” with no time window aside from the basic three-year extension the guarantee offers those more expensive items, whereas now the site clarifies it is every 12 months throughout of the coverage.

Here are screenshots of the iPhone-specific AppleCare Plus description now:

And here’s what it utilized to state:

Apple has tossed in a couple of other benefits to the strategy, too. For iPhone owners, far and away the most likely to buy AppleCare Plus, the guarantee protection for the Theft and Loss add-on now has a constant flat fee deductible at $149 for all designs of the mobile phone.

These modifications would appear to be retroactively used to existing AppleCare Plus owners, according to some MacRumors commenters who called Apple’s customer assistance the other day. And that makes sense, as Apple isn’t adding a brand-new coverage strategy as it did with the jump from AppleCare to AppleCare Plus. Rather, it’s broadening its existing one to be more beneficial.

AppleCare Plus is just available with the purchase of a brand-new Apple gadget or within 60 days of purchasing one, and it has a variable expense related to the type of device. For example, a new iPhone 11 Pro can get AppleCare Plus coverage for a one-time fee of $200 or $10 a month for 24 months. For Macs, it’s more costly. Apple will only let you purchase it upon purchase or through its site, and only if it discovers you have a qualified gadget by needing you to sign in with your Apple ID.



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