Amazon reviews complaining about a ‘lack of smell’ from scented candles appeared to increase as coronavirus cases spiked


    Amazon examines complaining about a ‘lack of smell’ from aromatic candles appeared to increase as coronavirus cases increased

    • After seeing a tweet about the current increase of disappointed reviews on the Yankee Candle website, researcher Kate Petrova decided to see if was part of a bigger trend by picturing her findings on scented candle light evaluations from Amazon.
    • Loss of odor is a common symptom of coronavirus, and it could be connected to a rise in candle light reviewers suffering a “lack of odor.”
    • While this was simply an enjoyable project, these findings might be a beginning point for those who wish to research study this topic even more.
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    As coronavirus cases increased across the nation, it appears that negative reviews of aromatic candles on Amazon increased too.

    Kate Petrova, a research assistant for Harvard Study of Grownup Advancement at Bryn Mawr College, did some fast data plotting throughout her complimentary time that even more checked out the concept after coming across a tweet that stated reviewers on Yankee Candle’s website were complaining about the candles lacking smell.

    — Kate Petrova (@kate_ptrv) November 27, 2020

    In her findings, Petrova said the number of Amazon candle examines that mentioned “lack of smell” grew from less than 2% in January to nearly 6% in November, and complete satisfaction with aromatic candles was dropping at a much faster rate than unscented candles.

    During an interview with Organization Expert, Petrova stressed these findings are “just an enjoyable workout” and it would take a lot more thorough study in order to conclude if there is a correlation in between the 2 factors or if it’s simply serendipity.

    ” We need to be cautious in interpreting these numbers,” said Petrova.

    Regardless, Petrova said she is “delighted about the power and capacity of information visualizations” due to the fact that of the traction this tweet has gotten.

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    While loss of odor is one of the most common signs of COVID-19, some patients who have actually recuperated from the infection have actually reported that their sense of odor was distorted once they recovered from the virus, which might likewise contribute to the influx of unsatisfactory reviews.

    Previously this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that 10-20% of those who lose their odor while battling the virus might discover french fries “smell like putrid, decaying meat,” and the smell of coffee may remind someone of “burning tires.”

    Petrova’s entire thread is offered to read here.

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