Amazon Music now has podcasts


Amazon Music now provides podcasts. The business released an upgrade today that brings more than 70,000 reveals to the platform, including some significant titles, like Serial and Pod Save America, along with new exclusive deals like a program with DJ Khaled called The First One, where he’ll speak with artists about their development hits and the stories behind them. Disgraceland, a popular program from iHeartMedia, will likewise become exclusive to the platform beginning in February2021


Podcasts can be listened to through the upgraded Amazon Music app, online, or on Amazon Echo gadgets. Echo gadgets will search Amazon Music by default and will keep in mind where listeners left off, no matter what platform they utilize to listen.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon will be selling advertisements for its shows, although it’s uncertain if that suggests DJ Khaled and other hosts will read ads and if paid customers will hear these ads, likewise to Spotify.

Of course, this now makes Amazon Music even more of a rival with Spotify, a business that’s currently greatly invested in podcasts. Apple Music now stands out as the primary major music streaming app that has yet to integrate podcasts.

Amazon Music’s podcast upgrade is specifically interesting provided that Audible just recently revealed its latest and least expensive membership strategy that offers listeners access to unique podcasts. Those shows are apparently not included in Amazon Music, indicating if individuals want to hear an Audible program, they’ll have to individually subscribe.



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