Alexa’s ‘Tell Me When’ skill combines reminders with contextual information


Alexa’s ‘Tell Me When’ ability integrates reminders with contextual info

Amazon has actually updated Alexa in the last month with a modified variation of its popular suggestions ability. You can now ask Alexa to “Tell me when” an occasion occurs and your gadget will give you background details and inform you when it actually takes place.

You’ve been able to set a suggestion for an event or job at a particular time for a while, and requesting Alexa to inform you when an occasion happens can bring up relevant details. “Tell me when” is sort of a synthesis of the two jobs. Amazon supplied a few examples: you could ask Alexa to “Inform me when the next Seahawks video game is” and Alexa could inform you the time of the video game and set a tip to view. Another intriguing usage is for email, you can now ask Alexa to inform you when an email shows up from a particular individual, and Alexa can reveal the e-mail’s arrival to save you from continuously inspecting your inbox. Of course, you ‘d have to be comfortable providing Alexa access to your email for that function to work.

” Tell me when” shares some overlap with another earlier ability for serious weather condition signals You can ask Alexa to inform you when there’s a serious weather alert, and the assistant can advise you when there’s one in your area.

It’s may not be the most amazing feature on its face, however “Inform me when” is a fine example of how Alexa has gotten the capability to supply more contextual information and follow-up questions over time. Amazon didn’t provide a complete variety of events that “inform me when” works for when we asked, however you need to already be able to check out the ability.

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