Home India After 8 years, Madurai transwoman gets a share of mother’s property

    After 8 years, Madurai transwoman gets a share of mother’s property


    After 8 years, Madurai transwoman gets a share of mom’s home

    Usilampatti RDO invokes Transgender Persons Act to restore her residential or commercial property.


    G. Oorvasi.


    Usilampatti RDO conjures up Transgender Persons Act to restore her property.

    After a battle of nearly 8 years, G. Oorvasi, a transwoman from Usilampatti in Madurai district, will finally get a share of her mother’s home.

    Ms. Oorvasi, 35, who has actually finished a training programme in natural farming, means to cultivate the 1.5 acres of land that she will quickly be acquiring.

    Just Recently, the Usilampatti Profits Divisional Officer (RDO) K.V. Rajkumar called for a questions into the concern. He conjured up Section 3( G) of the Transgender Persons (Defense of Rights) Act, 2019, which says that a transgender person can not be discriminated with regard to the right to live, purchase, lease or otherwise occupy any property.

    A trans rights activist, Ms. Oorvasi lost her mother at a young age and was sent out of her home by her father and sibling. She was also denied a share of her mother’s property. After leaving her home when she was a teen, she engaged herself in various projects.

    She said she had actually approached numerous authorities with regard to the residential or commercial property and though there were several rounds of talks with her relative, there was no development. Worn out of the stalemate, she approached Gopi Shankar, the Southern Region Agent of the National Council for Transgender Persons (NCTP).

    Mr. Shankar said Ms. Oorvasi had actually approached the NCTP for a grievance redressal during the first week of September. Her problem was forwarded to the Madurai District Collector, who in turn directed the RDO to check out the issue. During the query, it was determined that she was entitled to her share of the home.

    ” When I get the land I will cultivate it and put to practice the natural farming techniques that I have found out,” Ms. Oorvasi said. She stated few transwomen knew their rights and she hoped that her case would be an eye-opener.

    Mr. Shankar said there was a requirement to create awareness in this regard. “This was the first time the arrangements under the Act were invoked and the efforts of the RDO requires to be appreciated,” he included.

    Tamil Nadu.
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