Acquisition of Jaya’s residence is in public interest, govt. tells HC


    Acquisition of Jaya’s house is in public interest, govt. tells HC

    The State federal government has stoutly rejected the charge of lack of any public interest in obtaining former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s house Veda Nilayam at Poes Garden, Chennai, for the function of transforming it into a memorial.

    In a counter affidavit to a case filed by her legal heir and niece J. Deepa, the Acquisition Officer N. Lakshmi stated conversion of homes of popular leaders into government memorials was a global practice and not a new phenomenon.

    “Apart from being a beacon of motivation to residents of Tamil Nadu, the proposed memorial at Veda Nilayam will also serve as a traveler attraction. Therefore, the acquisition ought to be thought about as falling within the meaning of public function,” she said.

    The officer also trusted a couple of Supreme Court decisions to claim that the definition of the term ‘public function’ was comprehensive in nature and as such an enlarged significance or analysis must be utilized while determining it.

    Accusing Ms. Deepa of trying to uphold her personal interest in the home over public interest, the Acquisition Officer advised the court to dismiss her writ petition challenging the award of6790 crore deposited with the City Civil Court in Chennai.

    Further, answering the petitioner’s other allegation that the residential or commercial property had been underestimated, the officer said the standard value of12,060 per sq.ft was embraced to identify the settlement given that “the cost of similar type of land located in the nearest vicinity was not readily available.”

    Ms. Lakshmi added: “The petitioner is blowing hot and cold at the exact same time by seeming to oppose the acquisition however at the very same time seeking for boosted settlement. The grounds raised by the writ petitioner are illogical.”

    Though the acquisition proceedings had started in October 2017 much before the petitioner and her bro J. Deepak were stated as the legal successors by the High Court in Might 2020, the officer stated there was no necessity to redo the whole workout from scratch.

    Pointing out that public notifications were provided at every phase of the procedures and that a public hearing was likewise conducted on January 2, 2019, the officer stated Mr. Deepak too had actually submitted his objections however they were turned down by the Collector on January 22,2020

    After the brother or sisters were stated as the legal beneficiaries, notices were issued to them under Area 21( 1) of the Right to Fair Payment and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehab and Resettlement Act of 2013 to make claims for payment.

    Ms. Deepa’s husband K. Madhavan, Mr. Deepak’s counsel S.L. Sudarsanam and Deputy Commissioner of Earnings Tax Ajay Robin Singh stood for inquiry prior to the Acquisition Officer on July 3, 2020 and it was claimed by the latter that Jayalalithaa had earnings tax charges.

    Considering that there were contrasting claims and the siblings had only insisted on carrying out the acquisition procedures afresh instead of looking for apportionment of the compensation amount, the problem was described the City Civil Court and the payment was also deposited over there on July22

    Ever Since, “the home vests with the Federal government devoid of all encumbrances,” the Acquisition Officer claimed.

    Tamil Nadu.
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