AAP demands fresh MCD elections, level new allegations at BJP


    AAP demands fresh MCD elections, level new claims at BJP

    The Aam Aadmi Celebration (AAP) on Thursday looked for fresh elections to the Community Corporation of Delhi (MCD), levelling another round of allegation against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its alleged failure in handling the civic body.

    Alleging that the BJP has actually ‘miserably failed to run the MCD’, AAP chief representative Saurabh Bhardwaj required that the party needs to right away dissolve the corporation and carry out fresh elections.

    Citing the 2017 MCD election project, Bhardwaj struck out at the then BJP state president Manoj Tiwari for ‘deceptive’ the people of Delhi by making ‘incorrect promises’.

    ” Manoj Tiwari had actually promised that there will be no deficiency of cash in the MCD because the BJP will directly bring money or funds from the Main government. Tiwari misguided the individuals of Delhi by making incorrect promises and did not bring a single cent from the Centre. He must resign from the post of MP,” Bhardwaj stated.

    The AAP leader stated that the BJP has been exposed and its ‘lies and corruption have actually also got exposed, but it has no sense of responsibility at all’.

    He said the BJP ruled MCD is increasing the home tax and numerous other taxes in spite of getting the total from the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi federal government.

    ” The staff members of the BJP ruled MCD are protesting at the Civic Centre demanding immediate release of their pending wages. The MCD staff members have actually not received their wages for the last numerous months. They are continually demanding that the BJP and the officials of the MCD ought to right away launch these pending incomes.

    ” Physicians, nurses, medical authorities, instructors, sanitation employees and others who have operated in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic non-stop have actually not gotten their incomes. The situation has actually ended up being the like it was five years back,” Bhardwaj stated.

    Five years back, there was a circumstance when sanitation workers of the BJP ruled MCD were not getting their incomes for several months and the entire of Delhi was filled with piles of garbage, he said.

    ” By this, the BJP ruled MCD defamed the capital of India in front of the entire world,” the AAP leader stated.

    Bhardwaj stated the citizens of Delhi have understood one thing that the BJP is behind the ‘insolvency of the MCD’. “The BJP has actually badly stopped working in running the MCD and due to its huge corruption, the MCD has ended up being insolvent now,” he stated.

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