A California pastor says it’s “ventilators that are killing people.” So he’s holding massive, mask-free services


    A California pastor says it’s “ventilators that are eliminating people.” He’s holding massive, mask-free services

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    • California’s Calvary Chapel San Jose refuses to stop holding indoor services, defying county orders.
    • Its pastor said that ventilators were “killing people” and he ‘d never close his church doors once again.
    • Most parishioners do not wear masks. One called face coverings “part of a hellish ritual.”
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    ” I took the chance as we were strolling by to inform them we ‘d pray for them,” Staci Lares, age 52, stated.

    ” I’m not simply going to stand by and let our freedoms be run over on,” she stated.

    Set in the sprawling hills of Northern California, Calvary Chapel, a nondenominational Christian church, has become a sanctuary for parishioners looking for in-person services, emotional connection, and fellowship during the pandemic.

    Prior To COVID-19, a small-town church would’ve been an unlikely turf for fight.

    ” To be sincere, I understand very couple of individuals who have passed away, none from our own church, and many of them have died from being on a ventilator,” Pastor McClure said.

    ” Our church has always been a source of support in times of crisis.

    Pastor Mike McClure

    Calvary Chapel San Jose Pastor Mike McClure.

    Courtesy of Calvary Chapel San Jose.

    In the mainly liberal California county, Calvary has actually ended up being a bastion for conservative and in some cases fringe viewpoints. In September 2018, the church hosted Ken Ham, the Christian fundamentalist known for shunning the theory of development.

    This Valentine’s Day the church hosted David Barton, a Texas evangelist who believes that the Constitution does not require the separation of church and state. Throughout the indoor service, Barton encouraged churchgoers and leadership to stand strong and remain open against county orders.

    Calvary, which was established in the 1940 s, is more successful today than it’s ever been. That’s regardless of the reality– or because of it– that McClure faces arrest, hundreds of countless dollars in fines, and threats to take his house for continuing to hold indoor services versus county orders, which forbid indoor events.

    ” The county keeps telling us they’re attempting to conserve us,” McClure, a father of 7, said. “But that’s not the county’s job. They can’t do that. That’s God’s job.”

    On December 8 a court discovered Calvary and McClure in contempt.

    ” We’re really worried about what’s going on,” James Williams, counsel for Santa Clara County, stated. “They are holding superspreader-causing occasions that put the entire neighborhood at danger of death and severe illness.”

    Countless advocates and fellow pastors from across the state collected in the rain in a program of support when McClure appeared in court on January 28.

    After hours in the court house, McClure, wearing jeans and boots, emerged with the church’s youth pastor, Carson Atherley, at his side. Hands tucked into his pockets, McClure wore a confident smile. Neither used a mask.

    A microphone was thrust towards his lawyer, Robert H. Tyler. “Hi, everyone,” he began, to cheers and whistles.

    After providing McClure an opportunity to thank the crowd and implore them to “follow Jesus Christ,” Tyler described the court appearance as “among the very best days that we’ve had” before upgrading the audience. The judge had ruled McClure and Calvary to be in contempt of court yet again.

    On February 5, the United States Supreme Court ruled that churches in California might resume indoor services at 25% capability. 6 days later on, the County of Santa Clara reissued orders disallowing all indoor-worship services.

    McClure is standing his ground. He said his churchgoers attempted virtual and outdoor at the beginning of the pandemic, however the “safe” options weren’t enough.

    ” I hear the exact same thing from everybody in church,” McClure stated. “Enjoying services over Zoom resembles seeing a fireplace over Zoom versus existing and having the fire right in front of you warming your hands.”

    When he moved services back indoors, in May of in 2015, McClure told to his parish, “I will never close these doors again.”

    A looming arrest has made his wife, Brenda, distressed at times. She stated she was “not about to desert” the church she was born and raised in.

    Mike McClure and his family

    McClure and his family.

    Courtesy of Sabrina Jovanna Photography.

    ” If we’re stripped of everything, at least we can state we fought for the liberty to praise God,” she stated. “If I can state that, I’m the wealthiest individual alive.”

    Williams, the county counsel, said the church had already built up $1.8 million in civil fines related to its violations.

    Parishioners at Calvary have not been spared.

    ” We’re not defiant,” McClure stated, referring to the school’s compliance as proof.

    However numerous Calvary-goers, including McClure, continue to reveal doubts about the hazard of COVID-19

    Pastor Mike McClure at pulpit

    Calvary Chapel San Jose.

    Thanks To Mike McClure.

    ” The entire thing is rigged,” Herndon, the holistic-health employee and parishioner, said. “For me, the entire thing is ridiculous and based on a test that is not valid for diagnostics.”

    Lares, who became aware of Calvary from fellow marchers at a Trump rally in the fall, said she has turned her energy to “holding demonstrations to open the state” and anti-mask advocacy. Just recently, she and a group of unmasked volunteers placed themselves on a beach in Santa Cruz with a “Free Hugs” sign.

    ” Individuals yelled things at me– someone even threw something at me,” Lares said. “But I understood it would all be OK. God is my protector.” She said she’s been on a “forced leave” from her property-management task given that Might because of her refusal to use a mask at the workplace.

    Though she said she knew 20 individuals who’ve gotten ill and showed COVID-19 symptoms– including her 26- year-old son– she chose not to call the infection by its name.

    ” I truthfully do not even provide the words ‘COVID-19’ power since this ‘disease,’ as I call it, has actually not been determined or isolated,” Lares said. For her, the “intimidation techniques” used by the county to close down Calvary’s in-person services affirm one thing: “I’m with my people.”

    Staci Lares

    Staci Lares.

    Thanks To Staci Lares.

    ‘ It makes no sense to me that individuals are so damn self-centered’

    In the largely liberal, COVID-compliant Bay Location, the Calvary is an abnormality and a risk, left-leaning residents stated.

    Henry-Ueno has had 3 close buddies pass away from COVID-19

    ” I’m eager to see this pandemic over and get back to some form of normalcy, however there are guidelines we all should follow to make sure that takes place,” Henry-Ueno stated.

    This month, in close-by San Francisco, Bob Stein, a priest at the Sts.

    Zach Bramlett, a 27- year-old healthcare associate who lives in Austin, Texas, stated his family “paid the cost” for this sort of religious defiance.

    Zach Bramlett

    Zach Bramlett with his mother and father. His mother passed away of COVID-19 in December.

    Thanks To Zach Bramlett.

    Bramlett stated he tried to deter his mother, a retired nurse midwife, from going to the in-person indoor services at Passion Church.

    ” No one’s coming with a bulldozer or a damaging ball to tear down your church,” Bramlett said.

    ” We have a spiritual and civic duty to take care of those around us,” she said.

    ” It’s not news that Christians have actually been persecuted given that the beginning of time,” Herndon said.


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