40 Lakh Individuals Under Security For COVID-19 Contact-Tracing: Centre


    40 Lakh People Kept Under Surveillance For COVID-19 Contact-Tracing: Centre In Rajya Sabha

    Around 40 lakh people kept under security as a part of contact-tracing efforts amid covid

    New Delhi:

    Around 40 lakh individuals have been kept under security as a part of the contact-tracing efforts in the country and 5.4 crore samples were tested for coronavirus till September 10, Union minister Ashwini Choubey told the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

    The Minister of State for Health stated there were 15,290 COVID-treatment centers with 13,14,171 dedicated isolation beds till September10 There are likewise 2,31,269 oxygen-supported isolation beds and 62,694 ICU beds (consisting of 32,241 ventilator beds).

    Standards on scientific management of COVID-19 have been provided and are being upgraded routinely. States are being supported in regards to supply of logistics, Mr Choubey stated.

    Up until now, 1.39- crore PPE kits, 3.42- crore N-95 masks, 10.84- crore hydroxychloroquine tablets, 29,779 ventilators and 1,02,400 oxygen cylinders have been supplied to state and central government hospitals till September 10, according to the minister.

    More than 30 vaccine prospects have actually been supported and they are in various phases of advancement. Three prospects are in innovative stage of Stage I, II and III trials, and more than four remain in advanced pre-clinical advancement stage, Mr Choubey said.

    A nationwide expert group on vaccine administration for COVID-19 has been made up on August 7 under the NITI Aayog. Thirteen medical trials of repurposed drugs have actually been carried out to build a portfolio of therapeutic options for coronavirus clients, he stated.

    ” The government of India has actually taken a series of actions to avoid, control and reduce the effect of COVID-19 India followed a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach,” Mr Choubey stated.

    The Prime Minister, a top-level group of ministers (GoM), cabinet secretary, committee of secretaries and Health Ministry officials continue to keep an eye on the general public health reaction to COVID-19 in the nation, he said.

    ” The general public health actions were taken in a pre-emptive, pro-active, graded way based on the developing circumstance,” the minister stated.

    Mr Choubey mentioned that a number of travel advisories were issued to restrict the inflow of worldwide tourists before business flights were suspended on March 23.

    Till then, an overall of 14,154 flights with 15,24,266 passengers have been screened at airports. Screening was likewise done at 12 major and 65 minor ports and land border crossings, according to Mr Choubey.

    ” In the initial part of the pandemic, India left a great deal of stranded passengers from then COVID-affected nations (China, Italy, Iran, Japan, Malaysia) and once again in the un-lockdown phase, an overall of 12,43,176 passengers have been restored (as on September 9) and followed up,” he stated.

    The Integrated Disease Security Program (IDSP) is conducting contact tracing through community security. In the earlier part of the pandemic, this was provided for travel-related cases and consequently for cases being reported from community as a part of containment technique.

    ” As on September 10, an overall of about 40 lakh persons have actually been kept under security. There are 1,697 laboratories carrying out COVID-19 testing,” he said. “India is testing is about 1 million samples a day. A total of 5.4 crore samples have been evaluated up until now (as on 10 th September).”

    The number of individuals under treatment for COVID-19 consists of 1,14,984 in Maharashtra, 54,064 in Karnataka, 32,972 in Tamil Nadu, 24,593 in Uttar Pradesh and 5,066 in Delhi (till Sep 11), 36,217 in Andhra Pradesh (till Sep 10), according to Choubey.

    The nation saw 33,406 cases of coronavirus and 1,109 casualties in April, while it registered 1,995,178 cases and 28,777 deaths in August, the minister included.

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