2 Brothers Detained For “Attempted Child Sacrifice” To Find “Treasure”


    2 Brothers Detained For “Attempted Kid Sacrifice” To Find “Treasure”.

    2 Brothers Detained For 'Attempted Child Sacrifice' To Find 'Treasure'

    In Assam, locals turned over 2 siblings to the police on suspicion of trying human sacrifice.


    The Assam police has detained two bros, who were required to the police headquarters by locals on suspicion of attempting to compromise their own children looking for a hidden treasure.

    In the lack of any eye witnesses or a problem by villagers in upper Assam’s Sivasagar district, the cops have started their own examination into the accusations denied by the household. The authorities have likewise kept their families, including six children, in “protective custody” for now.

    Homeowners of Dimowmukh village, about 370 km east of Guwahati and 10 km from district headquarters Sivasagar, just recently notified the cops about 2 siblings – Jamiur Hussain and Sariful Hussain – whom they presumed of attempting to their own children on the suggestions of a quack, locally known as Bez, the police said.

    ” Residents said that a person recognized as Bez from Sonari, about 45 km from Sivasagar, had informed the bros that they will find gold hidden under a mango tree that remains in their home if they compromised their kids,” a police authorities from Sivasagar stated.

    According to the police, the locals became suspicious when they found 6 kids – 3 from each bro – kept in confinement. They then turned over the two brothers, their wives and the children at the Sivasagar Sadar Police Headquarters.

    ” In the absence of a protest and eye witnesses to support the allegations of human sacrifice, the police have kept the family in protective custody. We have actually started our own investigation in view of the accusations,” Jayanta Sharati Bora, a senior law enforcement officer in Sivasagar, told press reporters.


    However, the household has actually denied the allegations. They accepted that they had actually looked for Bez’s counsel a month ago, however on how to improve their kid’s degrading health.

    ” The family preserves that the villagers had grown suspicious of them even since their return from Sonari a month earlier. The authorities are trying to nab the quack. This would clarify the case,” Mr Bora included.

    Human sacrifice, particularly of kids, is not unusual in Assam.

    Last year, a child was rescued just when his household was about to sacrifice him in Assam’s Udalgiri district. In 2013, a male had eliminated his 13- year-old kid in what was described as a case of human sacrifice.

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