1.47 lakh vaccine doses to reach Belagavi today


    1.47 lakh vaccine dosages to reach Belagavi today

    As lots of as 1.47 lakh dosages of Covishield will reach Belagavi on Wednesday. The stock will be re-distributed to 8 districts in North Karnataka from Belagavi.

    State Deputy Director (Immunisation) Rajani Nageshrao, who is monitoring the whole procedure, informed The Hindu that the allowance to the districts is being exercised in such a method that today stock of 7.95 lakh dosages is enough to vaccinate a set of health care employees in 2 doses.

    ” This is to guarantee that those who get the very first dose likewise get the second dose after 28 days with the existing stock,” she said.

    Stating that the Centre is exercising the allocations, she said: “The Centre is thinking about 50% of the 6.3 lakh healthcare workers who had actually registered till January 8 and working out the allotments for districts. This is to guarantee that even if there is some waste, the existing stock is enough for 2 doses of the shortlisted 50% signed up healthcare workers till January 8.” Sources said this was because it was still not clear when the next stocks would show up. “Although the State has actually been informed that we will get a total of 13.92 lakh dosages, we do not understand when the remaining stocks will arrive. In such a situation, if the whole stock is used only for the very first dose there can be unpredictability about the 2nd dose,” sources said.

    ” As the vaccination is a two-dose process in a gap of 28 days, the entire exercise can go waste if the 2nd dose is not provided on time,” sources said.

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